Clashes on the A1, 4 ultras from Naples and Rome arrested. In the audio messages: “One had his arms and legs broken”

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

The chief prosecutor of Arezzo: “We will make every effort to ensure that those responsible for these events are called to account for their actions”. Tomorrow, a speedy trial for the Giallorossi treated in the Arezzo emergency room, accused of aggravated brawl That’s 180 people. They were identified thanks to the license plates of the … Read more

Meloni government, yes to arms in Ukraine: Russia accuses Italy of training Kiev soldiers in the Peninsula

Meloni government yes to arms in Ukraine Russia accuses Italy

The Government, after having heard the Parliament, signed the decree extending the shipment of arms and aid to Ukraine until the end of next year Posted on: 01-12-2022 23:50 WEB EDITORS He has been writing on the web for 15 years, taking his first steps as a ghost writer for small and medium-sized companies and … Read more

“Arms in Palestine …”. Dibba and that applause at the “pro Hamas” conference

Arms in Palestine Dibba and that applause at the

“Political debate is not entirely free in our country“. On the sidelines of the discussion pro-Palestinian conference held this morning in Milan, Alessandro Di Battista has sounded its own alarm. Clearly no one had dreamed of denying him the word, but it doesn’t matter. In the light of some controversy that arose for his participation … Read more

5 secrets to lose weight at 50 and reduce flabby stomach, hips and arms easily without crash diets or exhausting workouts

Many think of the famous “costume test” in this period. In summer we discover ourselves and inevitably come to terms with what are the modern aesthetic canons. Wasp-like waist, firm buttocks and statuesque physique are the obsession of many women (young and old). The truth, however, is that getting back into shape is not just … Read more

How to firm arms and legs with these effective exercises to wear skirts and vests without fear even at the age of 50

With the warm season advancing, you have to be prepared for the costume fitting. If we want to go to the beach without worries and wear our favorite clothes, we will need to know how to get in shape. A good workout remains the best method, especially if it targets multiple critical areas of the … Read more

Headaches, dizziness, and muscle weakness in the legs and arms could be signs of this particular condition

It happens to everyone to experience states of discomfort and pain. Sometimes they would not be symptomatic of particular and worrying situations, other times they could signal health problems that are unknown to us. There could be many sensations to be able to grasp because they signal as many disturbances. Some symptoms could then be … Read more

If you have trouble falling asleep, following these tips it will be possible to enter the arms of Morpheus in 60 seconds

In stressful everyday life, many find it difficult to switch off, switch off their brains and fall asleep in the evening. Insomnia is a disorder that has increased dramatically during the pandemic. A term has even been coined for this type of insomnia born during the pandemic: coronasomnia. Surveys and statistics carried out during these … Read more

Just 2 bottles of water are enough to keep your legs and buttocks together with your arms more toned and in shape

Often you don’t have time to go to the gym, but you can still stay in great shape by staying at home. Our apartment can become a place for gym and relaxation at times without even having to buy anything. Those who don’t have time to go to the gym probably won’t have much time … Read more

In addition to creams and oils to firm up loose skin on arms and thighs, at 50 we also tone muscles with these 4 exercises

The more the years go by, the more our body loses elasticity and relaxes more and more, causing a flabby effect on the skin. Also contributing negatively are drastic diets, where in a short time we lose many kilos, or as a result of pregnancies or unbalanced lifestyles and nutrition. In short, many factors seem … Read more

Big, swollen arms could be a wake-up call for 3 little-known diseases to keep an eye on

Surely the human body communicates its state every day. In fact, the body continuously sends messages, especially to warn if something is not working as expected. The symptoms that can be encountered, in general, are certainly alarm bells that it would be better not to underestimate in most cases. Obviously, diagnosing yourself with diseases is … Read more