Smog and arrhythmias: affected in the heart by fine dust. The study of a team of cardiologists from Parma says so

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Pollution, and in particular fine particles, are a major contributor to fatal heart arrhythmias, soon after hypertension, smoking and poor diet, and long before high cholesterol, overweight, lack of physical activity, alcohol abuse and malnutrition. For two years the world cardiologists (and in particular a working group from Boston) have been sounding the alarm, after … Read more

What are the main causes of cardiac arrhythmias, what are the symptoms and how to prevent them once diagnosed

Cardiac arrhythmias are a complex of alterations in rhythm and heart rate which may consist in a variation of the frequency and therefore in an increase (tachycardia) or a decrease (bradycardia), or in a variation of the regularity of the rhythm as in extrasystoles up to fibrillations . By virtue of these conditions, a set … Read more