Captured! We have arrived at the heart of our galaxy: here is what appeared to us

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

Unity is strength. The scientists of the space agency know this very well NASA who have used the capabilities of three devices to learn even more about our galaxy, the Milky Way. We are talking about the famous Hubble telescope, the Chandra orbital telescope and the Spitzer space telescope. What were they able to do … Read more

Brittney Griner arrived in Texas: Brittney Griner, who is the basketball star freed in exchange for Viktor Bout

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

from Monica Ricci Sargentini The champion was bullied as a child. At the age of 23 she declared herself a lesbian, in 2015 she was arrested for a dispute with her partner. Then the divorce and the new marriage Brittney Yevette Griner’s life has certainly never been easy. Born in Texas thirty-two years ago, the … Read more

Latest news Schumacher, the announcement has just arrived: the world of Formula 1 displaced –

Latest news Schumacher the announcement has just arrived the world

Latest Schumacher, the announcement has just arrived: the world of Formula 1 displaced. The German driver is always at the center of media attention After being dumped by Haas, Mick is looking for a new accommodation that will allow him to show his value to everyone. However, he will hardly have a free seat to … Read more

A “chatbot” unlike any other has arrived – Il Post

A chatbot unlike any other has arrived Il Post

At the end of November, the organization dedicated to the research and development of artificial intelligence OpenAI presented its new chatbot, ChatGPT, to the public. Chatbots, i.e. those software that simulate human conversations by responding to sentences written or spoken by users, have been used for years now to allow people to interact with digital … Read more

The Australian flu has arrived: peak in Italy at the beginning of the year. Here are the symptoms and how to treat it

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Interview with the epidemiologist Giovanni Rezza: ¬ęThe epidemic we are facing is ‘Australian’: these viruses have not been circulating for two years. The vaccine is very useful: priority for the elderly and frail” We archived it for two years and now we have to relearn how to manage it, the flu. Sara “a season of … Read more

Minerals never seen before found in a meteorite that arrived on Earth: the discovery

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

The ninth largest meteorite ever found on our planet. It is not a simple find that was identified not long ago in Somalia, a rock weighing 15 tons which is made even more particular by its composition. In fact, some researchers have ascertained the presence of two minerals never seen before. What are we talking … Read more

Iva Zanicchi reveals: “I arrived a virgin until I was 26, after that I gave up!”

Iva Zanicchi reveals I arrived a virgin until I was

And the artist doesn’t stop there, adding some details: “I was a virgin at the first Sanremo and it showed… from the expression”. It was 1965 and Iva Zanicchi had taken the prestigious stage of the Italian Song Festival with the song “Your most beautiful years”. It is not the first time that the singer … Read more