Art Night

Art Night

The reconstruction of Vincenzo Gemito’s life as if it were a mystery film, with an enigma to solve and clues to follow. It is proposed by Neri Marcorè and “Art Night”, with “Gemito. The crazy sculptor”, a documentary by Luigi Pingitore – produced by Persona Produzioni, in collaboration with Rai Cultura – broadcast on Wednesday … Read more

Arata Isozaki, emperor of architecture, dead – Art

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

His first experience of architecture was “the void of architecture”, the shattering effect of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. “It was then that I began to think about how to rebuild houses and cities,” said Arata Isozaki, the Japanese archistar, born in Oita, on the island of Kyushu, in 1931, just fourteen when his land … Read more

Switch-off, other than high definition: low bandwidth, many channels are still in SD. Here is the state of the art Rai and Mediaset

Switch off other than high definition low bandwidth many channels are

The Italian television panorama, after the last deadline set for December 20th (the definitive switching off of the last MPEG2 channels), assumes the structure that will irrevocably be destined to remain almost unchanged for a long time. We are in fact halfway through the ford: with the frequencies of the 700 MHz band already sold … Read more

Need for Speed Unbound, la recensione del gioco di guida ispirato alla street art

Need for Speed Unbound la recensione del gioco di guida

Need for Speed è diventato negli ultimi vent’anni, a partire da Underground 2, sinonimo di gare di velocità in un contesto open world: una formula che la serie targata Electronic Arts ha saputo gestire generalmente bene, coniugando l’approccio arcade tipico del franchise alla corposità di questo genere di struttura, in grado di offrire un gran … Read more

Damiano Carrara what a sciccheria! The chef creates a record-breaking work of art –

Damiano Carrara what a sciccheria The chef creates a record breaking

That Damiano Carrara was an artist of great depth was well known to all, but this time his work of art goes far beyond all records! Damiano Carrara opera sciccheria – RecipeSprint The chef’s career was born from a dream, a bet that the brothers Carrara they did by focusing everything on themselves, conquering the … Read more

“The medical art. The Paduan School and medicine in Europe and in the world ”, presentation to the Bo

The medical art The Paduan School and medicine in Europe scaled

The book entitled “The medical art. The Paduan School and medicine in Europe and in the world “ edited by Giovanni Silvano – published in the series “Patavina Libertas. A European history of the University of Padua” the highly popular series co-published by Donzelli / Padova University Press – it will be … Read more

“Probably the biggest art theft in history” – The Post

Probably the biggest art theft in history The Post

For more than ten years, the Cambodian government has collaborated with the New York Federal Prosecutor, European scholars and US activists to try to clarify a huge international network dedicated to the trafficking of archaeological finds illegally stolen in Cambodia: “probably the theft largest art in history, ”said one of the consultants involved in the … Read more