Iran, drones on a defense factory. WSJ: “Israel Attack.” Tehran: “They won’t stop us from developing nuclear power” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Iran drones on a defense factory WSJ Israel Attack Tehran

Drones that they explode in the heart of the country, in Isfahan, hitting a military “laboratory” and responsibility for the attack still uncertain, among newspapers accusing Israel, others pointing the finger at the United States and those who instead say that unmanned aircraft are parties from inside Iranian territory. Iran, overwhelmed by protests for months … Read more

heart attack | Signals from the heart: 5 symptoms that appear up to a month before –

heart attack Signals from the heart 5 symptoms that

heart attack symptoms – (source pexels) Is it possible to prevent acute and dangerous clinical episodes such as a heart attack? A recent research has pointed out the 5 symptoms that precede it. Modernity and one lifestyle more complex than in the past have certainly had a significant impact on the individual’s clinical history. … Read more

Mayor of London on Brexit attack, ‘does enormous damage’ – World

Mayor of London on Brexit attack does enormous damage

Watering down Brexit, if not actually rejoining the EU. The Labor mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, asked for it bluntly, breaking the prudence front in his own party, the first prominent British exponent with a role of power at national level to go so far, in the wake of the signals of rethinking – or … Read more

Ukraine, “possible attack by Russia on Kiev from Belarus”

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

The army of Ukraine is preparing for a possible new attack of ground troops of Russia from Belarus in the direction of the capital Kiev. “To this end, defensive positions in the north of the country have already been prepared and strengthened,” said Kyiv defense chief General Oleksiy Pavlyuk. “In order to prevent the Russian … Read more

Kiev under attack on New Year’s Eve, new rumors about sick Putin – Politics

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

In war-torn Ukraine, New Year’s Eve explosions are a sign of Russian raids continuing to target cities, not the fireworks used to celebrate the rest of the world. Anti-aircraft in Kiev went into action just after midnight, once again called to overtime by shooting down dozens of kamikaze drones. One of which bore the mocking … Read more

Ukraine: drone attack on military base in Russia, 3 dead – World

Ukraine drone attack on military base in Russia 3 dead

Three people have died in an attack by a Ukrainian drone on a military airfield in Russia’s Saratov region that was thwarted by Moscow’s air defences, the Russian Defense Ministry said today. “The Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle was approaching Engels airport at a low altitude,” the TASS news agency said in a statement. “Three members … Read more

Former Russian Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin injured in attack in Donbass

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

Of Martha Seraphim Roscosmos Dmitrii Rogozin arrived in Donetsk to serve as head of the shadowy military training group known as The Tsar’s Wolves FROM OUR REPORTER KIEV – While President Volodymyr Zelensky returned to Kiev, holding court on Ukrainian social media the wounding of the former Russian deputy prime minister and former president of … Read more

Milan, the real blow in attack is only one. Are you sure Sportiello is better than Tata?

A bomber or a goalkeeper? Which of the two players would like to find Stefano under the Christmas tree Pegs? The premise is that in our opinion, neither of them will arrive in the January transfer marketin compliance with the dictates expressed by Paolo Maldini just a year ago according to which it is better … Read more

Cancers on the attack, in 2022 as many as 400 thousand cases (+14 thousand in two years). Accused smoking and obesity

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

Cancer diagnoses are increasing in Italy compared to 2020 and it is not only the weight of the pandemic that is being felt: the boom in cases is in fact also due to inappropriate lifestyles. In fact, in 2022 almost 400 thousand new cases are estimated, 390,700 to be exact: 14,100 … Read more

Svilar and the defense flop, the attack does not sting: a nervous Rome loses 3-0 with Cadiz

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

The Giallorossi open their training camp in Portugal with a bad defeat: Vina is sent off, then a brawl that comes close in the final. The defense was bad, eight changes in the interval: Kumbulla and Svilar were the only ones to play 90 minutes Francis Iucca December 16th To Albufeira there Rome plays the … Read more