Branko horoscope today Wednesday 30 November 2022: Sagittarius the right path. Attention Aquarius – Back cover

Branko horoscope today Tuesday 22 November 2022 the zodiac chosen

As always We at the editorial staff See the complete list is Branko’s horoscope the stars. In this bad period that humanity is experiencing, we believe it is useful to take ourselves lightly from time to time, and see what the stars predict for our day. We remind everyone that astral predictions have nothing scientific … Read more

Diet, pay attention to what happens to you if you eliminate sugar | The effect is truly amazing –

Diet pay attention to what happens to you if you

The diet of each of us should be rich and varied in such a way as to provide our body with all the necessary components. If this doesn’t happen and you suddenly eliminate a food present in many substances, the risks may be just around the corner. Being on a diet doesn’t necessarily mean reducing … Read more

The economics of lack of attention | Fiorello’s twentieth-century jokes remind us of the time when we didn’t subcontract neurons to likes –

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

โ€œDo you know what they say at the Red Cross? “It’s like shooting on the Democratic Party”ยป. I highly recommend, if you have weeks of hell where, if you feel like crying, you arrange to cry in the shower so your face is washed by the time you’re done, that you pay close attention to … Read more

If you often eat potatoes (especially fried) pay attention to these 4 disadvantages, reported by Dr. Franco Berrino

If you often eat potatoes especially fried pay attention to

Eating lots of fruit and vegetables is good for your health, but can the same be said of potatoes? Franco Berrino explains that in this case the situation is different and some studies have shown disadvantages for those who often consume potatoes (especially fried) Many people get confused, considering the potatoes like a vegetable when … Read more

Smartphones, laptops and headsets at super discounted prices today on Amazon, but also pay attention to LG OLED TVs!

1667948931 Smartphones laptops and headsets at super discounted prices today on

With a coupon of 300 euros Now ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 TURBO you can buy it for less than 1000 euros, great price !. -29% Motorola Edge 30 Pro – 5G Smartphone, 50 + 60 MP Camera, 144Hz OLED FHD +, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, 4800 mAH, 12 / 256GB, Dual … Read more

Never eat chestnuts in these cases: here are which ones. “Attention” –

What are the most serious symptoms of rotten tuna poisoning

The chestnuts are fruits that this cool month of October gives us. These, especially when they are still attached to trees, are contained inside a similar capsule which is commonly called hedgehog: this name derives from the fact that it has numerous thorns and therefore recalls the shape of the hedgehog, the animal. Chestnuts are … Read more

Earphones, that’s when they are bad for our health: pay close attention to how you use them –

Earphones thats when they are bad for our health pay

Do you think high volume or prolonged use of headphones is bad for our ears? You’re wrong, find out how our earphones really hurt. The headphones are perfect for those who want to listen to music without disturbing those around them. The Bluetooth ones have now made us forget when we found all the intertwined … Read more

Lemons alert ๐Ÿ‹ pay attention to this detail when buying them if you do not want to take risks for your health! ๐Ÿ™„

Lemons alert pay attention to this detail when buying them

Pay attention to the choice of lemons. Some could seriously harm your health. Let’s find out what they are together. We all buy lemons at the supermarket or from our trusted greengrocer but often we don’t pay attention to type of lemons that we choose to buy. In fact, as you can imagine, they are … Read more

Testicular and prostate cancers, infertility and erectile dysfunction: “Pathologies on the rise. We need more attention to our health”

Testicular and prostate cancers infertility and erectile dysfunction Pathologies on

In Italy in 2020 about 36 thousand new cases of prostate cancer were diagnosed and in 2021 an estimated 7,200 deaths from prostate cancer were compared to 564 thousand patients with prostate cancer. As regards testicular cancer, however, 2,300 new diagnoses were estimated in 2020. The Romagna Cancer Registry has been active in Romagna since … Read more