The diet for diverticula: what to eat and what to avoid to prevent inflammation

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Diverticula: what they are The diverticula they are small and multiple pockets that develop in the walls of the colon, usually in the sigmoid, although they can also affect the entire large intestine. When they are present, we speak of diverticulosisa mostly misunderstood condition that affects around 10% of the population and rarely causes problems. … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today. Nyt: Zelensky asks the US for more powerful weapons, Biden resists: “We are trying to avoid the third world war”

Ukraine Russia news from the war today Nyt Zelensky

The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky is putting pressure on Joe Biden: asks that the United States supply to Kiev a new and more powerful weapon, that is a missile system with a radius of 305.7 kilometers, therefore able to reach Russia. The New York Times reports it, noting that Zelensky has assured the Americans that … Read more

Bills: from price to contract, what to look for to avoid “hidden” increases

Listen to the audio version of the article The Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment (Arera) has long started a very stringent process to make the electricity and gas bill readable by consumers. An objective that has also been strengthened with the adoption of the Code of commercial conduct which contains the rules of … Read more

Fake insurance, the updated list of sites to avoid: stay away

Fake insurance the updated list of sites to avoid stay

Today anyone tries to save a little on anything, even on car or motorcycle insurance, by giving in to online insurance, which is sometimes false insurance. Safe insurance site – Motori.News Insurance activated on the internet, allow you to save a lot of moneyguaranteeing excellent coverage, assistance every day at any time of day or … Read more

The Preview for the fifth day: our advice for each game, who to line up and who to avoid

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We are here for a new season of Serie A and fantasy football. As always, SOS Fanta offers you the SOS preview with all our advice, game by game. An in-depth analysis of the individuals, the readings for each match, the players to be deployed, the essential top players, the hazards, the surprises, the risks … Read more

Listen to your body! Fatigue is a signal to pay close attention to to preserve the brain (and avoid disastrous choices)

Listen to your body Fatigue is a signal to pay

Working too much with the mind makes us fatigued and tired just as if we were doing a physically strenuous job: this is why we must not underestimate the signals that our body sends us @ IrynaKalamurza / Shutterstock Not surprisingly, at the end of a day of intense physical work, you feel tired and … Read more

With diabetes it is best to avoid these foods and drinks: the list of health

With diabetes it is best to avoid these foods and

People with diabetes should avoid eating certain foods and drinks. Let’s see what they are in order not to jeopardize your health. Millions of people in our nation are affected by the condition. A number doubled in thirty years which has sedentary lifestyle and obesity as its main causes. Adobe Stock The diabetes it is … Read more

Pizza and gastrointestinal disorders, how to avoid them

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There are increasing numbers of people complaining of gastrointestinal disorders following a night out and, above all, having eaten a nice pizza. Symptoms in question are bloating, flatulence, broken stools and digestive upset. In almost all the diets I make, pizza is present on Saturday evening, perhaps accompanied by a portion of raw vegetables or … Read more