Near-miss collision between planes at New York airport: the two Boeings 300 meters apart, collision narrowly avoided

Near miss collision between planes at New York airport the two

Seconds that lasted an eternity. They are the ones in which two planes touched each other at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. There was almost no collision. A Delta Air Boeing 737 and an American Airlines Group Boeing 777 touched each other. Travel Usa, how the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) alert system … Read more

Study on Covid vaccines for young people: 18.5 adverse events for each hospitalization avoided

Lancia Prisma molto piu di una Delta con la coda

“Our estimate shows that COVID-19 vaccine mandates are likely to cause net harm to healthy young adults, which is not offset by a commensurate public health benefit.” That’s what he claims a scientific article published on Journal of Medical Ethics. The researchers are stark in their conclusions, stating that “the fact that such policies were … Read more

The list of the least reliable cars ever: these are to be avoided absolutely | There are also some Italians –

The list of the least reliable cars ever these are

If you love cars, these are not for you. On the web, a well-known site hosts a list of famous cars for a decidedly less flattering reason: in the middle there are also many Italian cars, unfortunately for us. A car does not always become memorable for its excellent construction qualities or for the success … Read more

Auto Insurance, when it is possible not to pay it: there is a condition that just cannot be avoided

Auto Insurance when it is possible not to pay it

Insurance is one of those expenses that must always be incurred when we have a car, but if we don’t use it, the situation can change. Having a’Car always involves a series of expenses that must necessarily be met if we want to use it regularly. Maintenance, fuel, repairs, road tax, insurance, these are the … Read more

Bombs in Sumy and Odessa: “A civilian died”. Johnson: “Today peace is impossible”. Scholz: “NATO-Russia conflict must be avoided” – Live coverage – Il Fatto Quotidiano

June 27, 2022 10:46 Johnson at the G7: “Today peace is impossible, ahead in supporting Ukraine” Boris Johnson insists on taking the hard line against Russia among the leaders of the G7 summit. “What struck me in these two days – he said today quoted by the PA agency – is our extraordinary determination to … Read more

This much-loved skirt is back in fashion for summer 2022, but in some cases it is to be avoided so as not to appear clumsy

In fashion often styles and accessories already seen are back in vogue on runways occasionally in the past. The creative can be inspired by observing nature and architecture but also artistic expressions dating back thousands of years. This is what often happens and it happened in particular at the beginning of the twentieth century Mariano … Read more

Withdrawals, the road to traceability: which ATMs should be avoided

Withdrawals the road to traceability which ATMs should be avoided

The POS obligation for merchants will only be the first step. Withdrawals could also be discouraged by a possible reform of the commissions. A few years from now, the government’s goal is to reshape the habits of Italians. Fewer withdrawals, more traceable payments. Less cash, more fiscally more relevant digital transactions. Photo © AdobeStock At … Read more

The 8 unsuspected foods that increase reflux and are to be “avoided” because they cause this disease

The 8 unsuspected foods that increase reflux and are to

Eating is essential to life, but there are foods that increase reflux, a disorder that affects many people. The gastroesophageal reflux it is a very common problem and affects many people around the world. It is very annoying and at times it can make life very difficultespecially if the episodes are of chronic mold. Fortunately … Read more