Mariupol, cholera and pigeon broth: this is how we live after the fall of the Azovstal

A month has passed since the surrender of the soldiers entrenched in the Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol. The city fell, the invaders entered and the real hell began. Indeed: “It was worse than hell, there are no words to describe it,” Vladimir Korchma, a machinist born and raised in the town, told the Guardian. Two … Read more

War in Ukraine, the direct – Putin to Scholz-Macron: ‘Ok to solutions on wheat, but stop weapons’. The reply: ‘Free the soldiers of Azovstal’ – Il Fatto Quotidiano

War in Ukraine the direct Putin to Scholz Macron Ok

28 May 2022 16:43 Kiev: “No alternatives to EU membership” Ukraine “does not need” an “alternative” to joining the EU. This was stated by the leader of Kiev, Volodymyr Zelensky, in an interview with the Dutch newspaper Nieuwsuur. He brings it back Ukrinform. “We just need the support of these countries,” Zelensky added. The reference … Read more

Azovstal, the farewell of the photographer-soldier after leaving the steel mill

Azovstal the farewell of the photographer soldier after leaving the steel

“By the way, while I am a prisoner I leave you my photos in high quality, send them to all the journalistic awards and photo contests. It will be very nice if I win something, after I get out.” The latest tweet from Dmytro Kozatskyknown by all as Orest, could only be accompanied by pictures … Read more

Ukraine, Kiev orders Azovstal defenders to stop fighting. Putin: ‘Cyber ​​attack against Russia failed’ – World

Ukraine Kiev orders Azovstal defenders to stop fighting Putin Cyber

The defenders of Azovstal they received orders from Kiev to stop fighting. This was announced in a video message by the commander of the Azov battalion Denys Prokopenko still in the steel plant after, according to Moscow, about 2 thousand surrendered. ‘The military superior command gave the order to save the lives of the soldiers … Read more

Ucraina Russia, le news sulla guerra di oggi | Kiev, colloqui molto fragili su Azovstal. Zelensky: «Donbass è un inferno»

di Lorenzo Cremonesi, Giusi Fasano, Marco Imarisio, Marta Serafini Le notizie di venerd 20 maggio sulla guerra, in diretta: chiamata tra Milley e Gerasimov. Zelensky: inizia la fase pi sanguinosa del conflitto. Secondo l’Onu il 90 per cento della popolazione ucraina rischia di finire in povert • La guerra in Ucraina arrivata all’86esimo giorno.• I … Read more

Ukraine, Palamar: ‘I’m in Azovstal with my command’. Requested life sentence for Russian soldier in the trial in Kiev – World

The irreducible front in the steel plant does not seem to be giving up. Until the last soldier, a propaganda war continues to be fought around Azovstal. When the exit of the Ukrainian troops from the Mariupol steel plant, which remained an impregnable bunker for ten weeks, seemed nearing completion, the diehards of the Azov … Read more

Azovstal, la paura che i 260 soldati vengano giustiziati. Finlandia e Svezia, le richieste sono alla Nato

di Lorenzo Cremonesi, Giusi Fasano, Marco Imarisio, Marta Serafini Le news di mercoled 18 maggio sulla guerra, in diretta. A Kiev parte il primo processo per crimini di guerra: Vadim Shishimarin, 21 anni, accusato di aver ucciso deliberatamente un civile di 62 anni che era in bici • La guerra in Ucraina arrivata all’84esimo giorno. … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today. Kiev, “Azovstal mission completed”. 264 soldiers evacuated, 53 wounded. Other fighters still inside. Explosions in the night in Lviv,

Soldiers removed from the steel plant for several weeks bombed by the Russians. Turkey’s stance towards Sweden and Finland who want to join the Alliance, while Moscow considers entry a threat. Lukashenko, “united with Russia against Western pressure”. Putin: “In Ukraine we have evidence on the creation of biological weapons by the US”. War Ukraine … Read more

Mariupol, the diehards of Azovstal and the long siege: now there is the dilemma of surrender

from Lorenzo Cremonesi During the battle, the image of the Azov militants changed in the perception of the population: from fanatical nationalists, even Nazis, to patriots able to express the will to defend the freedom of all HUMAN – At this point the diehards who for over two months resisted the Russian siege in Azovstal … Read more

Ukraine, Sweden towards NATO. Putin: We will answer. 264 soldiers evacuated from Azovstal – World

Ukraine Sweden towards NATO Putin We will answer 264 soldiers

The evacuation of Ukrainian soldiers from the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol began aboard a dozen buses. Ukraine has confirmed the evacuation of 264 soldiers: 53 wounded soldiers, taken to Novoazovsk, and 211 other fighters brought to Olenivka, in the territory controlled by the pro-Russian separatists of Donetsk. The latter were then brought back to … Read more