Island of the Famous, Edoardo Tavassi spills the bag: “Here is the whole truth about my retirement”

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

Edoardo Tavassi takes stock of his journey to L’Isola dei Famosi and reveals the truth about his injury in Honduras. Edoardo Tavassi was one of the undisputed protagonists of the sixteenth edition of The Island of the Famous. A few days from the the finalwhich saw the triumph of Nicolas Vaporidis, the brother of Guendalina … Read more

1 cent, the coin that is worth 6000 euros: get ready to change your life | You have it in your bag

1 cent the coin that is worth 6000 euros get

It will undoubtedly sound bizarre, that among the most sought-after coins by collectors, and consequently most appreciated, there is a trivial 1 cent coin. Rare one cent coin – As a reminder, the 1 and 2 cent coins will soon be withdrawn. 1 cent coin withdrawn shortly The reason for the withdrawal from circulation … Read more

We say goodbye to straw and transparent plastic bags, this is the beach bag that is very popular in Greece and Portofino

Summer is coming and many of us are planning beach holidays. At this time of year, with the first heat and the first baths, many of us are starting to adopt a comfortable and fresh marine look. The clothes become looser, the open shoes and the accessories take on a seaside look. Silk foulards, long … Read more

The salad in a bag hides pitfalls that not everyone knows and can be very “dangerous for health”

The salad in a bag hides pitfalls that not everyone

How many times have we bought the salad in a bag? For convenience, certainly many. But perhaps not everyone knows how it is done. To the supermarket we find all kinds: crunchy whole or cut leaves, mix of varieties, exquisite combinations and also with added ingredients such as dried fruit and crackers. L’packaged salad is … Read more