US elections: the Republicans do not break through, the Senate in the balance. Biden: “Back in the running in 2024”

The Republicans advance towards the reconquest of the House: according to a projection by Nbc, ai Dem 214 seats will go (against the current 221) while the Republicans will get 221 (against the current 212), just three above the majority quorum. “It’s certainly not a red wave, that’s for sure,” admitted Senator Lindsey Graham, one … Read more

WhatsApp, security in the balance: rapid updating is crucial

WhatsApp security in the balance rapid updating is crucial

A very dangerous bug for WhatsApp. Indeed two. And the only way around the problem is to upgrade. Mostly the automatic one is enough. In the second half of the nineteenth century, a good number of intellectuals looked to technological advances as something potentially uncontrollable. Photo © AdobeStock Today that sensation seems to have vanished, … Read more

Island of the Famous, Alvin puts his balance on the castaways and reveals: the final will be in Honduras

Alvnis’ report on the longest ever edition of the Island of the Famous. The sixteenth edition of The Island of the Famous, the longest ever for the reailty-show that once again saw the radio speaker and host Alvin in the role of envoy, for the fourth time. Island of the Famous: Alvin puts his balance … Read more

Nadal-Zverev for the final: still balance, the German manages to keep the Direct service 7-6, 2-3

from Gaia Piccardi, sent to Paris On his 36th birthday, Rafa challenges the German tennis player to take a place in the final, in the race for title number 14 in Paris 17:17 – 2-3 Zverev’s fourth ace gives him the sprint to shoot forward by two lengths, but Nadal catches him off guard and … Read more

Un Posto al Sole Advances June 3, 2022: Nuncio in crisis. The relationship with Chiara hangs in the balance

Let’s see the Anticipations of Un Posto al Sole on June 3, 2022. In the Plots of the Soap episode broadcast on Rai3, Nunzio begins to doubt his relationship with Chiara. The boy asks his father for help to overcome this situation while Raffaele is threatened by the Argento clan. Let’s find out the Advances … Read more

TRIGORIA – Mourinho: “There is a team that plays on Friday and one that is on vacation, there is no balance. Mkhitaryan has few chances for the final. This euphoria does not help for the match in Turin”. VIDEO!

TRIGORIA Mourinho There is a team that plays on

© photo by Alessandro Carducci In the conference room of the Fulvio Bernardini Sports Center in Trigoria, the Roma coach José Mourinho spoke at a press conference on the occasion of the Media Day organized by UEFA in anticipation of the Conference League final between the Giallorossi and Feyenoord. reported the statements of the … Read more