Electronic invoice 2023, obligation also for health services? For now, no extension of the ban

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

Electronic invoice 2023, are we moving towards an obligation also for health services? Incredible without adequate tools and safeguards from the point of view of privacy, but in the meantime, however, there is no intervention in this sense even in the Budget Law Obligation to issue the electronic invoice also for the health care from … Read more

Highway code, the ban on car screens arrives: there is a risk of returning to car radios – solomotori.it

Highway code the ban on car screens arrives there is

Yes, according to the Highway Code, there is a ban on the use of electronic devices on board. We are talking, in detail, of those devices that require the use of a screen, which is suitable in itself to distract, while driving. In addition to the ban already in force, however, which concerns the devices … Read more

ATM, this time you are risking the blocking of the card: the new ban arrives –

ATM this time you are risking the blocking of the

The energy crisis also affects ATMs. The new time slots imposed by the government risk affecting your credit card as well. The energetic emergency puts many economic sectors in our country in crisis, among these not even the banks are safe. In particular, ATMs will be affected by the crisis. Italian cities this winter will … Read more

In Amsterdam, discussions continue to ban coffee shops for tourists – Il Post

On Wednesday, the city council of Amsterdam will vote on a proposal to temporarily ban tourists from coffee shops, the city’s famous places where marijuana is sold and consumed freely. It is not expected that the motion will pass, but to support it is the same mayor Femke Halsema, center-left, according to which the ban … Read more

OPPO, OnePlus, Realme e vivo rischiano il ban in Europa

OPPO OnePlus Realme e vivo rischiano il ban in Europa

A quanto pare, la situazione attorno al ban in Europa per OPPO e OnePlus è più seria del prevista e potrebbe coinvolgere anche Realme e vivo. Forse ricorderete che lo scorso luglio Nokia ha citato in giudizio le due compagnie cinesi per la violazione di brevetti, rivolgendosi al tribunale competente di Mannheim per la risoluzione … Read more

Japan, the “mokushoku” falls: the ban on schoolchildren from speaking during school lunch

from Irene Soave With the decrease in cases of Covid-19, one of the most hateful of the latest restrictions also falls: the ban on schoolchildren aged six and up, at school, to talk while they were having lunch The intolerant of the mask, who now rejoice at the fall of almost all the prohibitions linked … Read more

Super-bonuses and building bonuses, what is meant by a partial credit transfer ban?

Super-bonuses and building bonuses, what is the ban on partial assignment of credit? The Revenue Agency provides the clarifications in the update of the FAQ of 19 May 2022. It is not possible to split the amounts of the individual installments of the deduction, but each annual installment can be subject to a different subsequent … Read more