Shaman, the elite battalion with which the Ukrainians conduct sabotage on Russian territory

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Kiev tries to slow down the advance, tries to make it as expensive as possible for the Army, retreats to more defensible positions and tries to strike from a distance, thanks to the long-range systems. Meanwhile, he prepares counter-offensives in the south, and continues with the partisan guerrilla warfare After struggling in the first phase … Read more

The mother of the deputy commander of the Azov battalion: “My son is good, he is not a Nazi, he defends his homeland”

from Greta Privitera The story about the deputy commander of the Azov battalion who left Mariupol last: «I haven’t heard from him since January, then on May 20 he called me when he was about to leave. I fear for him, I hope for Zelensky “ Do you know where he is now? “Svyatoslav does … Read more

Russian defeat on the Donets river, Ukraine destroys the bridge and Putin loses an entire battalion

Another humiliation for the Russia. The army of Putin lost about 50 vehicles and a thousand men trying to cross the Siverskyi Donets River, which flows west to east between the breakaway provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk inUkraine Oriental. The artillery of Zelensky surprised them on the river bank and destroyed them. The troops were … Read more

Blog | Ukraine, it is a big risk to call the Azov battalion ‘heroic’ just because it fights – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Blog Ukraine it is a big risk to call

by Gianluca Pinto There is a very worrying question (as if everything else was quietly in place and we were living a period of rosy expectations for humanity): I am referring to the Azov battalion. I do not want to discuss the war in Ukraine, the clear and undeniable sins of Putin or the equally … Read more