AeQuilibrium Beach Volley Marathon and Bibione Beach Fitness are back

Friday 16 September 2022 – 1.15 pm AeQuilibrium Beach Volley Marathon and Bibione Beach Fitness are back From 16 to 18 September Rome, 16 Sept. – In summer, sport does not go on holiday, but rather, in the Venetian town of Bibione it becomes the absolute protagonist, with three days of pure adrenaline that will … Read more

Jova Beach Party, is still controversial: “In Roccella you will dance on the caretta caretta nests, leveled by your bulldozers”. Mario Tozzi on the attack: “Dear Lorenzo, this time you are wrong”. – Daily fact

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The controversy and debate on the sustainability of the Jova Beach Party. While the environmental movements have been protesting against the tour for weeks and continue to attack Jovanotti even fiercely, he entered the discussion with a straight leg Mario Tozzi, TV popularizer and geologist and CNR researcher. The conductor of Sapiens – One planetthe … Read more

Jovanotti fed up with the attacks against the Jova beach parties: “Econazis are dangerous mythomaniacs: they give them the gloom of a Holy Inquisition”

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It just doesn’t fit Jovanotti to collect the criticisms that for days have persecuted him for his own Jova Beach Party, indispensable events for fans, as absurd for environmentalists. The last to beat Lorenzo Cherubini was the professor Mario Tozzigeologist and scientific popularizer, who in an open letter addressed to the singer and published on … Read more

Jova Beach Party, the head of the Labor Inspectorate on the case of illegal workers: “Where there are no contracts there are no rights, Lorenzo should thank us rather than criticize” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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“Jovanotti would have done better to thank our inspectors. He has lost an opportunity to talk to all his fans about him by really registering the fight against illegal work“. The reply of Bruno Giordano, the head of the National Labor Inspectorate, to Jovanotti. Two days later the news of the 17 workers without a … Read more

Jovanotti’s wrath: ‘No illegal work at the Beach Party. Against me the econazis’ – Culture & Shows

Jovanottis wrath No illegal work at the Beach Party Against

Anything I work in black to the Jova Beach Party nor greenwashing: in a long live Instagram from Lido di Fermo, Jovanotti rejects accusations and suspicionsafter the blitz of the labor inspectorate of Ascoli Piceno, and also replies to those who point the finger at the risks for the ecosystem: “If you, econazis who are … Read more

Jovanotti, his Jova Beach Paerty alarms. Summer event in the viewfinder with strong concerns

Jovanotti his Jova Beach Paerty alarms Summer event in the

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about the Jova Beach Party and unfortunately not well since the environmental impact of the “lucky boy” big concert on the beach seems to have problematic consequences. In recent days, the alarm has also been triggered by environmentalists who have expressed themselves on the environmental … Read more

Jova Beach Party on the social grill: “Other than green!”

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Jovanotti on the grill for the environmental impact of the Jova Beach Tour. To exacerbate the environmental controversies, which had already accompanied the 2019 Beach Parties and preceded the debut of those of 2022, was the appearance of a banner in Marina di Ravenna, where the three-stage megashow caravan will land for two concerts on … Read more

Jovanotti, party for 36,000 on the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro

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from Andrea Laffranchi Among the guests of the Jova Beach Party also Max Pezzali: the whole tour includes 21 dates and over 400 thousand tickets sold from here to the final event in September in Milan LIGNANO SABBIADORO (Udine) – still a leap. Three years ago the Jova Beach Party had been a leap forward, … Read more

Goodbye skimpy triangles and high-cut swimsuits, this model for the beach is back in fashion that covers imperfections and does not force us to always check ourselves

It is now time for holidays by the sea, and Italians are beginning to pour in large numbers on the beaches of Italy and Europe. But many women are faced with a dilemma when it comes time to pack their suitcase: which swimsuit is better to choose? There is an embarrassment of choice as regards … Read more

LIVE Nicolai / Cottafava-Renato / Vitor Felipe 1-1, Beach World Cup 2022 LIVE: the Brazilians equalize the score, 19-21

C.CLICK HERE TO UPDATE LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE OF THE OTTAVI DI LUPO-RANGHIERI AT THE BEACH VOLLEY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS FROM 22.00 3-1 Hand out Cottafava 2-1 Renato’s second intention touch 2-0 The parallel of Cottafava! 1-0 Mano out Cottafava 19-21 Cottafava’s attack out, the blues made a mistake in the decisive moment 19-20 Renato’s wall … Read more