Napoli will beat Juve and close the championship. The reason? Spalletti builds unlike Allegri

Napoli will beat Juve and close the championship The reason

Everyone has their ideal football. Spalletti and Allegri are poles apart. Like their opinions on the eve of Napoli-Juventus, crucial challenge for the championship, two rounds from the end of the first round, which has already elected its leader: Naples winter champions with a seven-point lead over Juve and Milan and ten over Inter. To … Read more

Trieste gives itself a victory: beat Trento

La vita di Cristina Vittoria Egger chi e la madre

Triesteback from the defeat in Varese, hosts the Dolomites Energy Trentino of the former Grazulis, who defeated Olimpia Milano in the last championship game. Trieste-Trento, the race Coach Legovich starts with Davis, Bartley, Gaines, Pacher and Spencer, on the other side of the parquet line up Lockett, Conti, Flaccadori, Grazulis and Atkins. The former Grazulis … Read more

The quantum computer: where we are and why this time Europe can beat the US and China

The quantum computer where we are and why this time

Understanding why a computer like Leonardo makes the difference is basically simple. Thanks to the action of Europe and the Italian system, as we wrote in «L’Economia» of the «Corriere» last 5 December, having the 4th fastest calculator in the world is as important as it is intuitive. Less is to take the next leap: … Read more

France has more talent, but Messi is playing everything: if he doesn’t beat Mbappé, he will always be second to Maradona

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

The belly of the world wants Messi to triumph. It’s not a rough feeling, it’s an emotional statistic. The people are looking for a hero and Messi, at 35 and on his last outing in a World Cup, has the right story to end with a success. May it be redemption after too many failures … Read more

Qatar 2022 World Cup: Brazil eliminated, Croatia in the semifinals. He will face Argentina, who beat the Netherlands on penalties

Qatar 2022 World Cup Brazil eliminated Croatia in the semifinals

First semifinalists al World Cup in Qatar 2022. There Croatia eliminated Brazil after an endless match: the Seleçao seemed to have resolved it in extra time with Neymar, but the former Bologna player Petkovic postponed the decision from the penalty spot where the Balkans were colder: the final 5-3. Next Tuesday the Croatians will face … Read more

Disappointment Germany: beat Costa Rica 4-2, but that was not enough. He’s out of the World Cup

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The Central Americans even went ahead 2-1, then the Germans reversed the result again, led by Havertz. But the Japan-Spain result doesn’t give Flick’s national team a chance Germany at home, “betrayed” by Spain: but the Germans have to blame themselves, because the knockout with Japan on their World Cup debut cost them elimination in … Read more

World Cup, Morocco does not stop: we are in the round of 16. Ziyech and En Nesyri beat Canada: first place in the most difficult group – Il Fatto Quotidiano

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

At the World Cup in Qatar 2022 supports Morocco: the reasons for our initiative (read) ————————————– The Morocco is in history: wins also col Canada and passes to eighths like Before in ranking. No one would have predicted it in a group with Croatiacame second, and Belgium, deleted. The boys of win 2 to … Read more

Qatar 2022 World Cup: Brazil beat Switzerland 1-0, Portugal 2-0 Uruguay. Both in the second round. Cameroon-Serbia 3-3, Ghana beat South Korea 3-2

Qatar 2022 World Cup Brazil beat Switzerland 1 0 Portugal 2 0

The second round of the group stage has ended World Cup in Qatar 2022. Cameroon And Serbia they tied for 3-3 in a game full of goals, emotions, entertainment and mistakes. But the point is of little use to both nationalities. Excluded from the challenge the Inter goalkeeper Onana, banned for disciplinary reasons. Pyrotechnics also … Read more

Messi nailed by a video, Canelo Alvarez threatens to beat him up: “You pray to God you don’t find him!”

Messi nailed by a video Canelo Alvarez threatens to beat

The Mexican boxing champion exploded overnight with a series of furious tweets against Leo Messi: the Argentina captain is accused by a video in which he seems to be doing something that does him no credit. Turn on notifications to receive updates on L’Argentina it came out of the hole it was in with its … Read more

LIVE Italy-Sweden 7-4, LIVE women’s curling European Championships: the Azzurri beat the Scandinavians in comeback and dream of the semifinal!

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

CLICK HERE TO UPDATE LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE CURLING OF ITALY-SPAIN FROM 2.00 PM WOMEN’S CURLING LIVE LIVE FROM ITALY-SWITZERLAND FROM 19.00 11.56: Appointment later, thanks for following us and have a nice day! 11.54: Germany, Turkey and Italy tied in third place. Tonight Italy-Switzerland, Turkey-Sweden and Germany-Denmark. Norway and Sweden are also not cut … Read more