Cheese, this is the only one that does not make you fat and does not increase cholesterol –

Cheese this is the only one that does not make

Some studies suggest that dairy products, such as cheese, can be consumed as part of a healthy diet. Cheeses and cholesterol – They help maintain weight, help keep blood pressure and blood glucose levels in check. Cheese, which does not raise cholesterol On the other hand, cheese lovers know that there are other good … Read more

“Salmonella risk”, watch out for these famous biscuits: many have breakfast with them –

Salmonella risk watch out for these famous biscuits many have

Due to the potential salmonella risk, the Ministry of Health has foreseen the withdrawal of a type of biscuit used by a large distribution chain. Humans typically contract salmonella after feeding on salmonella infected meat. Humans become infected mainly by eating food from infected animals. The foods most frequently involved are the eggs and meatand … Read more

Chickpeas and beans? Not at all, this legume lowers cholesterol and blood sugar in one fell swoop | Phenomenal –

Chickpeas and beans Not at all this legume lowers cholesterol

Many people to combat cholesterol and blood sugar, follow a correct and balanced diet, and exercise regularly. Chickpeas and beans against cholesterol and blood sugar – If bad cholesterol is high, most people need medication to lower it. And for people with diabetes, it is important that i levels are checked frequently. Cholesterol and … Read more