Stools that float, with mucus or too dark: all alarm bells that should not be underestimated

Stools that float with mucus or too dark all alarm

We may observe our feces floating or other “strange” phenomena when going to the bathroom. Best not to underestimate them. While we might feel a little disgusted looking at our body waste, actually checking them regularly can save our lives. InformationToday The Our body always sends us signals when something is wrong, but often it … Read more

Lack of strength, persistent migraines, vision problems and sudden tingling could be the alarm bells of this severe disease

Headaches, vision problems, difficulty smiling and staying focused are just some of the symptoms that can indicate the presence of a stroke. Stroke, also known by the scientific name of cerebral ischemia, is a disease affecting the blood vessels that supply the brain. Stroke is caused by a sudden closure or rupture of a vessel, … Read more

They may seem like symptoms of simple hemorrhoids but we should be careful because these conditions could be the alarm bells of some diseases

There are some symptoms that we should watch for every day. In fact, if our main goal is to protect our health, certainly this is a great place to start. Taking care of your body means listening to it, paying attention to every single signal and above all keeping yourself informed. In this way, it … Read more

Headache, dizziness and ringing in the ears could be the alarm bells of this disease that could cause various problems

Sometimes a minimum of discomfort is enough to alarm us and create deep concerns about our health. Many other times, however, some signals could pass on the sly and not make us grasp the real extent of the problem. This is why it would be good practice to undergo medical check-ups on a frequent basis. … Read more