Bloated belly and gas? The remedy is foods rich in probiotics, a real panacea

Bloated belly and gas The remedy is foods rich in

After this long period of holidays, where big binges have certainly not been lacking, it is natural to have a swollen belly and gas: here are the foods rich in probiotics that could help During the Christmas holidays, very often, it happens to eat more than usual and especially if the intestine is not used … Read more

The good health of the newborn’s belly depends on that of the mother: let’s discover the microbiota

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Did you know that the good health of the baby’s belly depends on that of the mother? And that the methods of delivery – cesarean or natural – have important consequences on the composition of the baby’s “microbiota”, that is, the set of bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa that reside in our body, essential for … Read more

Insulin Resistance and Belly Fat: Symptoms, Foods to Avoid, New Therapies – iO Woman

Insulin Resistance and Belly Fat Symptoms Foods to Avoid New.webp

THEL belly fat afflicts most women and men especially with advancing age. The attempts to go on a diet, the training sessions, the “miracle” creams and the so-called “belly-deflating” supplements are useless. To fix things not only from an aesthetic point of view – it is known that visceral fat can increase cardiovascular risk – … Read more

Cristina Marino trains with the belly and unleashes the controversy

Cristina Marino trains with the belly and unleashes the controversy

October 18, 2022 10:29 am The actress, pregnant with her second child by Luca Argentero, does not give up on fitness but her followers attack her Training with the belly Cristina Marino is a great lover of fitness, a passion that has also become a job. With her training program … Read more

Swollen belly, a symptom too often underestimated: when it can occur

Swollen belly a symptom too often underestimated when it can

A swollen belly is a symptom and a nuisance that millions of people around the world live with. Let’s see what its causes may be. It happens to many people in life to start suffering from a small stomach ailment: a swollen belly. Here, it often comes to think when such a symptom occurs, that … Read more

Flat stomach, how to have a sculpted belly? The infallible ‘tricks’

Flat stomach how to have a sculpted belly The infallible

Many people dream of a sculpted belly. The thing not everyone knows is that there are foolproof ‘tricks’ to get a flat stomach: here’s everything you need to know about it. You can be as fit as a violin by doing some regular, daily exercises, but if you are looking to get in shape you … Read more

Know your belly: “Parmesan” project to find out about its state of health

Know your belly Parmesan project to find out about its

Do you want to know the state of health of your belly, do you want to know how the microbiota, that is the set of over 1000 billion microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and protozoa)) present in the intestine, which affect the general well-being of the organism? In Parma you can, for free. In our University there … Read more

Aurora Ramazzotti, on Instagram the first photo of the belly after the rumors about pregnancy

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Aurora Ramazzotti is always silent on the issue of the alleged pregnancy that concerns her, but on Instagram she continues to publish details that could be an answer to all the rumors that have long seen her pregnant with her boyfriend Goffredo Cerza. After the indiscretion released by the weekly Who, the news of the … Read more

How to lose visceral belly fat with just one thirst-quenching and detoxifying summer drink

A flat, sculpted stomach with clear abs is anyone’s dream. Having bacon is a very common problem that many complain about. Only very few manage to show the “turtle” and with great efforts. In fact, one of the most common physical problems of people concerns the presence of abdominal fat. It is common to see … Read more

We could lose fat and lose weight on the belly and hips just by walking but we should do it this way to get results

There are several studies that would demonstrate the benefits we can get from walking especially if constant over time. We could reduce the dangers of heart disease or experience diabetes-related problems with less anxiety. Keeping blood sugars under control allows you to deal with metabolic diseases without being exclusively linked to drugs, gradually lowering triglycerides … Read more