Gas prices are still falling (77 euros/megawatt hour) but the benefits for bills will only arrive in 2023 – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Gas prices are still falling 77 eurosmegawatt hour but the

The price of gas on the European market is still falling. Unusually mild temperatures throughout the Old Continent and an abundance of supplies of liquefied gas (LNG) push prices downwards with one megawatt hour now traded in Amsterdam, the reference market for Europe, at 77 euros per megawatt hour, down by 3% and below pre-war … Read more

Benefits of dried fruit: benefits for the cardiovascular system and more –

Benefits of dried fruit benefits for the cardiovascular system and

Apparently consuming peanuts, almonds, pistachios and peanuts would bring health benefits. Let’s find out the benefits of dried fruit. As per tradition, during the Christmas holidays, peanuts, almonds, pistachios and peanuts cannot be missing from Italian tables. Internet all free It is a well-established habit, which is repeated in the homes of millions of Italians … Read more

Covid, a study confirms the benefits of vitamin D

Covid a study confirms the benefits of vitamin D

Vitamin D may reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19 as well as dying from the virus, according to one study recently published in the magazine Scientific Reports, with which the association between the supplementation of the vitamin and the risks just mentioned was precisely evaluated. Using US veterans as a reference population, the researchers demonstrated … Read more

At Imola Formula 1 on the run, but for the racetrack maxi benefits also from Pearl Jam

Listen to the audio version of the article Not just Formula 1. This could be the subtitle of the research on “Economic impact of the activities of the Enzo and Dino Ferrari international racetrack” presented today at the Santerno circuit to accompany the new multifunctional strategy imprinted by Formula Imola and local institutions, to take … Read more

Quitting smoking, the first benefits on the body visible right away

Quitting smoking the first benefits on the body visible right

Quitting smoking, an important goal that allows you to experience benefits already in the first hours after the last cigarette: the effects visible immediately on the body Cigarette (Pexels) Today’s most read articles: Knowledge about the potential harm of smoking is within everyone’s reach health consequences of the organism in its entirety. However we also … Read more

Brazil elections, here’s how Bolsonaro has reduced the disadvantage from Lula: benefits, fuel bonuses and excise duty cuts – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Brazil elections heres how Bolsonaro has reduced the disadvantage from

Less than two months after the opening of the polls, when there is still a week left for the official start of the electoral campaign, the contest for the presidency of the Brazil is undoubtedly one sprint to two between the president in office, Jair Bolsonaroand the former head of state and leader of the … Read more

Eating cherries for its anti-inflammatory properties would bring benefits, but pay attention to the contraindications and the daily dose

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Summer brings heat and hassle, but as far as fruit and vegetables are concerned, it is truly generous. Thanks to these products of the earth we can indulge ourselves by cooking various types of dishes. Fruit in general is rich in water, vitamins, mineral salts, all of which are precious elements for our well-being. Each … Read more

Few people know but this fruit that contains vitamins and antioxidants could hide many benefits for the health of the organism

We often hear about fruits such as apples, watermelons, peaches, but little is said about a tropical fruit that would have various beneficial properties for the body. We are talking about the tamarind, native to India and East Africa. The name derives from an Arabic word which means “Indian date”. Its pulp is rich in … Read more