Beware of fad diets, they can hurt and make you fat in the long run

The beginning of the year often coincides with “good resolutions”. Among the most popular ones is the promise of losing weight and getting in shape, especially after weeks of excessive partying. “New year, new person” is one of the most popular mottos and pushes many people to embark on desperate attempts at sudden and sometimes … Read more

Beware of dried fruit because it is bad for your health if you have one of these pathologies

Beware of dried fruit because it is bad for your

Home ¬Ľ Beware of dried fruit because it is bad for your health if you have one of these pathologies When dried fruit hurts and should be reduced or even avoided. There are situations in which it is advisable to let it go, and they are all important. Different types of dried fruit (Photo Canva … Read more

Beware of 2 Key Things Central Banks Don’t Say From

Beware of 2 Key Things Central Banks Dont Say From

¬©Reuters. By Laura Sanchez – , and the other European lists are trying to recover after a week of very high volatility due to messages launched by central banks on the path of interest rates. However, according to experts there are ‘fine print’ speeches that are worth reading because of the meanings they can … Read more

Beware of the latest deception that runs on WhatsApp: it is possible to defend yourself with great caution

Beware of the latest deception that runs on WhatsApp it

Once again, WhatsApp has been targeted for an ad hoc deception that has brought many users to their knees. In fact, we can admit that it is not the first time WhatsApp has been used as a tool to scam people. Except that, in this circumstance, the criminals took advantage of a very chaotic moment. … Read more

Men, beware of these symptoms: talk to a doctor and get checked out

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The majority of males are reluctant to go to the urologist and neglect their ailments for a long time, endangering their health. Expert advice Vera Martinella November 30th It closes Movemberthe month of the mustache (the name comes from the amalgamation of the English words novemberNovember, e moustachesmustache, which have become a symbol of the … Read more

Other than the air conditioner, it is the refrigerator that consumes the most, beware of errors that double the bill

Other than the air conditioner it is the refrigerator that

There is a lot of talk about the consumption of the air conditioner but the real sting on the bill is the refrigerator. Surely the air conditioner is an appliance that consumes a lot but even the refrigerator consumes a lot and even the refrigerator can even be worth 30% of the family’s energy consumption. … Read more

‘Service detachment if you don’t pay’, but it’s a scam email: beware of the current scam

Service detachment if you dont pay but its a scam

We disclose the news of a dangerous fraud that runs on the net: a scam email from a (false) supplier. Here’s how to defend yourself. They continue reports from many users regarding attempted fraud. In this period they have increased a lot, and they leverage the difficulties of the Italians. InformationToday Unfortunately, although people are … Read more

Beware of the EuroCoin scam with the faces of Draghi and Meloni

20 A new he consvery aggressive, is circulating on the Web: it starts from a Facebook adwhich leads to a article on LinkedInwhich leads to a website which, most likely, it would be better never to visit. This is a themed scam cryptocurrenciesbased on a long series of lies and on the exploitation of the … Read more

Beware of these applications: drained thousands of accounts –

Beware of these applications drained thousands of accounts Inews24it

There are some almost invisible malware that lead us to totally dry accounts: some applications are really malicious We need to be very careful what we download from some not entirely legal links. It is true that some things entice us to such an extent that we do not pay attention to possible malware, but … Read more

Beware of pellets, fine dust and too many mites are bad

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Outdated and poorly used pellet stoves with non-certified products, obtained with too much sawdust and chemicals, can also release emissions at home that irritate the mucous membranes and damage the respiratory tract, especially in the most vulnerable people such as the elderly, children and allergy sufferers. Risks for respiratory health also from restrictive gas consumption … Read more