Biden closes on sending the F16s. But Kiev insists: ‘we need 200’ – Europe

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After the Paris opening, the United States closes the door to Kiev on fighter jets to counter the Russian invasion of Ukraine. President Joe Biden ruled out the option by responding with a resounding “no” to the question of whether he was in favor of sending F16s, immediately after announcing an upcoming trip to Poland … Read more

Use: other secret papers of Biden, were in his garage in Delaware – World

Use other secret papers of Biden were in his garage

The White House confirmed in a statement the discovery of new classified documents in one of Joe Biden’s two residences in Delaware, and more precisely in the garage of his home in Wilmington. And Attorney General Merrick Garland has announced the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Joe Biden’s classified documents. This is Rob … Read more

Usa, classified documents discovered in a former Biden office. Trump attacks: “When will a blitz in his homes?” – Daily fact

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They were packing papers to free up a locker in an office that Joe Biden used between 2017 and 2019, when several were found classified documents when he held the position of vice president of the United States. The news was leaked by the American media but the fact would date back to November 2ndshortly … Read more

Zelensky’s homecoming: what he (not) got from Biden

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Of Viviana Mazza and Marta Serafini The Ukrainian leader: good results. The crux of offensive weapons remains. Putin: end of war as soon as possible FROM OUR REPORTERSWASHINGTON AND KIEV — “I’m going home with good results”. Volodymyr Zelensky is satisfied as he returns to Kievafter visit to Washington during which the White House announced … Read more

Biden: «Attacco russo brutale e ingiustificato» | Ucraina Russia, news sulla guerra di oggi

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

di Marta Serafini, inviata a Kiev, e Redazione Online Le notizie di gioved 22 dicembre, in diretta. Mosca Lo sforzo dell’Armata concentrato nella regione del Donetsk. Zelensky ritorna a Kiev da Washington, passando dalla Polonia e incontra il presidente polacco Duda • La guerra in Ucraina arrivata al 302esimo giorno.• Per la prima volta dall’inizio … Read more

Ukraine, Zelensky received by Biden at the White House: the war is not over but thanks to the US we control the situation – World

“We have reached the 300th day of a brutal and unwarranted attack that Russia has launched against Ukraine.” Joe Biden said this in a press conference at the White House with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. “You will never be alone”, assured the American president. “Ukraine’s struggle is part of something bigger. Americans are standing up … Read more

Zelensky expected in Washington in the next few hours. He will speak to Congress and see Biden

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Of Viviana Mazza from New York the first trip of the Ukrainian president outside his country since the beginning of the war. Nancy Pelosi has already warned all the parliamentarians who will meet in joint session FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT IN NEW YORK — Volodymir Zelensky expected at White Housewhere today, Wednesday 21 December, I will … Read more

From the US Patriot missiles for Kiev, Biden towards the announcement: what can change in war

From the US Patriot missiles for Kiev Biden towards the

“You’ll know in a few minutes.” This is how the US president replies Joe Biden to reporters who asked him if the United States intends to send systems Patriot to Ukraine. The tenant of the White House he therefore hinted that there will soon be an official announcement. The sending of Patriot missiles from Washington … Read more

Kyrsten Sinema, the “enigma”: who is the senator who left the Democrats and got Biden in trouble

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Elected with the Democrats, Sinema has announced that it will become independent, putting at risk the majority (51 to 49) just won by Biden’s party in the Senate. Unmistakable look, first openly bisexual senator, very skilled in getting laws approved, she is a candidate to become leader of an electorate that has not had one … Read more

Ukraine, Biden: I talk to Putin if he shows he wants to end the war – Europe

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An opening towards a possible peace negotiation on Ukraine and the possibility of “talking to Putin”, some hypothetical correctives to US subsidies for renewables and a compromise line on China. In their meeting in the White House, the first state visit of the Biden era, Emmanuel Macron and the American president projected an image of … Read more