Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition, the review of a failed operation

Blade Runner Enhanced Edition the review of a failed operation

The review of Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition, a failed operation that fails to reproduce a classic with modernized graphics. Blade Runner is one of those illuminating games, a classic that showed in a plastic way the expressive potential of the videogame medium in the narrative field and beyond. It was a traditional point and click … Read more

Blade Runner Enhanced Edition Review: hunting for androids again

Blade Runner Enhanced Edition Review hunting for androids again.webp

In the world of literature, few stories are as striking as that of the science fiction writer Philip Kindred Dick. A marginal – if not marginalized – writer in life, he died shortly before the film adaptation of his novel he was released. But do androids dream of electric sheep?which consigned him to eternal fame: … Read more

Stray Blade, the preview of the most interesting game from 505 Games

Stray Blade the preview of the most interesting game from

During the presentation of the 505 Games lineup, the game that struck us most was Stray Blade, an action RPG full of potential. Many publishers nowadays focus more on the niche market than the direct challenge with blockbusters. This is a smart strategy: it is difficult after all to compete with certain giants in terms … Read more