Meghan Markle, is (again) controversy for “blood” earrings

Meghan Markle is again controversy for blood earrings

Simone Rocha’s earrings of the Duchess did not go unnoticed On September 19, for the funeral of the Queen Elizabeth, Meghan Markle she had succeeded in trying to win back the hearts of the British people a little. For the solemn occasion, in fact, the Duchess of Sussex had decided to focus on discreet clothing, … Read more

Long Covid, blood test predicts it: the study

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A blood test performed at the time of Sars-CoV-2 infection promises to predict Long Covid syndrome, identifying patients most at risk of ailments one year after infection. This is the news that emerges from a study published in ‘eBioMedicine – The Lancet’, conducted by researchers from University College London (Ucl) on small numbers. If the … Read more

Is it true that eating eggs raises blood cholesterol levels? All the errors to be debunked

Is it true that eating eggs raises blood cholesterol levels

There are a lot of rumors on the web that eggs are seen as bad for high blood cholesterol sufferers. True or fiction? Let’s dispel a false myth. High concentration of cholesterol in the blood (Canva) THE MOST READ ARTICLES TODAY: Is called hypercholesterolemia the level of high cholesterol in the blood, a problem that … Read more

Blood analysis, a bracelet will replace the syringe: Federico II University project presented –

Blood analysis a bracelet will replace the syringe Federico II

in the photo Vincenzo Santagada, Antonio CIttadini and Maria Triassi “Thanks to the Biosensing laboratories, within a few years it will no longer be necessary to take blood samples for analysis, but the application of a simple bracelet will be enough to measure blood sugar, electrolytes, sodium, potassium and bnp for heart failure, with the … Read more

Blood test to detect early signs of cancer (before clinical symptoms)

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from Vera Martinella American researchers present a study on a new test that is able to identify an initial “signal” in healthy subjects, the so-called alterations in the methylation profile common to more than 50 different types of tumors The great hope is to succeed in discover the presence of a tumor only with a … Read more

Heart attack: If you have this blood type, you are more at risk of having a heart attack before age 60

Heart attack If you have this blood type you are

Recent research has identified how the risk of early heart attack, before the age of 60, and of stroke increases if you have a specific blood type. An important discovery that could save numerous lives through constant prevention and monitoring © Belchonock / 123rf Researchers have discovery that people with type A blood may be … Read more

Blood sugar: these vegetables help lower it, here are which ones

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Some vegetables help keep blood sugar at bay and contribute, in general, to keep our psychophysical well-being in balance. There are many things you can do to manage your blood sugar and keep the risk of diabetes, heart disease and other annoying and dangerous problems as low as possible. Following a healthy diet, rich in … Read more

Diagnosing the tumor with a blood test, the new frontiers of liquid biopsy

Diagnosing the tumor with a blood test the new frontiers

Diagnose cancer with a simple blood draw without the need for invasive operations. There liquid biopsy it is a new mode of diagnosis that recent studies are focusing on. By verifying the presence or absence of particular types of microRNAs (small fragments of ribonucleic acid) in human fluids (including blood), researchers are in fact convinced … Read more