Medicinal bonus € 300: health right let’s ask it together for regulatory guidance

Medicinal bonus E 300 health right lets ask it together

Medicine bonuses, another important step in support of the lowest income brackets, which most of all are suffering from the terrible economic crisis that is gripping our country. In the very wide panorama of bonuses created specifically to give some relief to the battered pockets of families with the lowest incomes, the one reserved for … Read more

From the first home under 36 concessions to the drinking water bonus, here are the upcoming deadlines and what will happen in 2023

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Restructuring bonuses Therefore, attention shifts to the whole of 2024. Starting with the restructuring bonus. This bonus, which provides for a 50% deduction on a maximum spending limit of up to 96,000 euros, will remain in force, in its current form, until the end of 2024. In the absence of changes, after that date, the … Read more

Bill bonus extended to another 600 thousand families. Isee, the income threshold rises to get the discount

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Aid to families with i low incomes to pay the bills they will be strengthened. In the maneuver that will be approved at the beginning of next week, the government will expand the audience of beneficiaries of the social bonus. There are still several hypotheses on the table. The first, more immediate application, is the … Read more

Car bonus: incentives double from November: which models you can buy and how to request them –

Car bonus incentives double from November which models you can

Stop polluting cars: incentives are flocking. There are those who will be entitled to a very interesting doubling of the car bonus, that’s who it is… We have been talking about “car bonuses” since the beginning of the year. Well, after just over five months from the start of the car incentives for the year … Read more

Bonus bills of 600 euros for workers: who is eligible and how it works

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Bonus bills of 600 euros for workers: who it is and how it works. Introduced with the Aid bis decree, published in Official Journal on 21 September last, the contribution of 600 euros provides for the possibility for Italian companies to contribute to the expenses of their employees to counter the effects of the dear … Read more

Bonus bollette e bonus benzina sono cumulabili

Il bonus bollette di 600 euro ed il bonus benzina di 200 sono tra loro cumulabili e rappresentano due agevolazioni distinte per la busta paga dei lavoratori dipendenti: ecco tutti i dettagli. L’ultima circolare dell’Agenzia delle Entrate ha riacceso il dibattito in materia di bonus bollette di 600 euro ed altri bonus recenti sulle buste … Read more

Amazon bonus, rain of euros for those who are part of this category: here is who is entitled –

1666952958 Amazon bonus rain of euros for those who are part

There is a bonus that everyone has missed, take advantage of it before it expires. Find out how to buy on Amazon for zero euros. Governments in recent years by dint of issuing bonuses for everything, have now lost count. Among these there is one in particular that can be very interesting for us, but … Read more

Off to the scrapping bonus: incentives for the purchase of a new car are back

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After the incentives to scrap old mopeds the car scrapping bonus also returns. In fact, the new incentives for the purchase of non-polluting cars up to 60 g / km CO2 will start from 2 November. This was announced by the Ministry of Economic Development, explaining that from 10 am on 2 November bookings for … Read more

INPS, a few days to request the € 600 psychologist bonus: it expires on October 24th

INPS a few days to request the E 600 psychologist

There are still a few days left to request the much-discussed 600 euro psychologist bonus. The ranking of the questions will favor those who have a low income and cannot afford to financially support the costs of a session with the psychologist. Psychologist bonus – The psychologist bonus of six hundred euros is an … Read more