Isn’t Alzheimer’s a brain disease? The new incredible hypotheses

Isnt Alzheimers a brain disease The new incredible hypotheses

Incredible new hypotheses have come out regarding Alzheimer’s. The researchers’ studies have brought to light some interesting news that speak of the possibility that it is not a brain disease: this is what it is. Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative brain disease that severely affects a patient’s mental functions and interferes with his or her … Read more

She had a brain tumor, but they treated her with acetaminophen

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The husband of a 54-year-old teacher reported a case of medical malpractice to the press: his wife, Alessandra Taddei, had a cancer to the brain and the doctors treated her with paracetamol. She went to the emergency room three times. TO Republic, the man said that his wife often repeated to him to feel like … Read more

Listen to your body! Fatigue is a signal to pay close attention to to preserve the brain (and avoid disastrous choices)

Listen to your body Fatigue is a signal to pay

Working too much with the mind makes us fatigued and tired just as if we were doing a physically strenuous job: this is why we must not underestimate the signals that our body sends us @ IrynaKalamurza / Shutterstock Not surprisingly, at the end of a day of intense physical work, you feel tired and … Read more

“Rushdie is conscious and improving, brain activity is normal.”

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from Viviana Mazza Decisive hours but the doctors are hoping. The Iranian agency Fars: die. The assailant: I not guilty FROM OUR SENDNEW YORK – Salman Rushdie “is conscious, is breathing 90% autonomously, brain activity is normal”, sources close to the writer say. It is not excluded that in the next few hours the doctors … Read more

She has an incurable brain tumor: Conny saved by the doctors of the Aquaviva delle Fonti hospital

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Conny is an entrepreneur who works in Puglia and that has been working for several years in the field of aeronautical solidarity events, in particular what concerns balloon flights. She had recently been diagnosed with a inoperable brain tumor and so Conny had decided to rely on a luminary in the sector to find the … Read more

Glyphosphate again under accusation, research shows serious damage to the brain, here is what diseases can arise

Glyphosphate again under accusation research shows serious damage to the

Cancer, effects on DNA and now also brain damage. The latest studies on glyphosphate confirm the danger of the well-known herbicide. And the notoriety of this chemical substance it is certainly not positive. For many years, experts from all over the world have been warning about the dangers of glyphosphate. But it seems that no … Read more

Training mind and body helps the female brain (and beyond)

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“Mens sana in corpore sano”, the Latins used to say. In fact, there is a close link between how much you can keep the body in activity, with regular physical exercise and also through constant brain training, and psychological and cognitive well-being. In short, one must never lose the good habit of moving, getting information, … Read more

Having a healthy brain into old age might be possible by following these 6 tips to keep your mind fit

Everyone wants to live with an active and lively mind for as long as possible. This can only be achieved with solid brain health. Even so, there is no guarantee that senile dementia will be prevented entirely, but the odds are very good. Habits play a crucial role when it comes to keeping mentally fit … Read more