Mom recovers from stage 4 breast cancer with a “new treatment”: “I was given 3 years to live”

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A mom who was given just three years to live after a heartbreaking diagnosis is now free from breast cancer, thanks to a “miraculous” treatment. Judy Perkins’ cancer journey first began in 2003 when she was informed that she had stage zero breast cancer. She underwent a mastectomy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy. Treatments were successful, … Read more

Chiara Claudi and the actor who bit her breast on stage: “I reacted with a punch, from that moment it was hell”

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Clare Claudia she is an actress of theater and cinema as well as vocal coach. She worked with Mario Missiroli, Luca Ronconi, Luke Barbareschi. And with Pier Francesco Pingitore And Paolo Virzi. But for five years she withdrew from the scene. Because of an episode that she tells today to Republic in the context of … Read more

Do you know who Rosanna Banfi is? Age, Dancing with the stars, father Lino, breast cancer, film, biography, husband and children – Controcopertina

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In 2009, Rosanna defeated breast cancer with surgery and chemotherapy after her discovery. Her father talked about her during an episode of La Vita in Diretta and she herself has given several interviews in recent years. In one of these you said: “I faced the disease and I won”, during a prevention campaign. Who is … Read more

Breast cancer. Aiom Congress: “6 out of 10 patients are not prescribed genomic testing. These exams are included in the Lea “

In Italy in total there are over 10 thousand women who can use them. President Saverio Cinieri: “We still encounter bureaucratic delays, organizational problems and an underestimation of the potential of molecular tests that help select treatments and limit the use of unnecessary chemotherapy”. The results of a survey conducted among 212 doctors presented at … Read more

Breast cancer, 6 out of 10 patients are not prescribed genomic testing

Breast cancer 6 out of 10 patients are not prescribed

60% of cancer patients do not resort to genomic tests for breast cancer which are simple, minimally invasive and free and which could severely limit the use of unnecessary cancer treatments. This is happening despite having been made reimbursable by a decree of the Ministry of Health in July 2021. The alarm of the specialists … Read more

Breast cancer, blood test immediately tells if the cure is fine – Health & Wellness

Analysis laboratory (archive photo) © ANSA A blood test, liquid biopsy, could reveal in as little as 15 days – and without the need to wait for a follow-up CT scan – whether the cancer treatment for women with metastatic breast cancer is working or not, and that’s through observation. of the trend of two … Read more

In addition to irregular nipples, here are 3 signs of our breasts to keep under control to ward off breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common in the female population. According to Humanitas data, it would affect 1 in 9 women, especially between the ages of 35 and 55. Age is one of the biggest factors in increasing this risk, but there are other factors to consider when diagnosing the problem. In addition … Read more

Breast Cancer: The Disease Prevention Diet

Breast Cancer The Disease Prevention Diet

Eating well can prevent disease, for example we see the Breast Cancer Prevention Diet. Pink ribbon, breast cancer symbol (Pixabay) The breast cancer it is formed from a group of cells that grow in an uncontrolled and completely abnormal way inside the mammary gland. Many women receive a diagnosis of this type every year, but … Read more

Breast cancer treated without chemo, the experimental study in Monza: “Great satisfaction of patients”

Treat the breast cancer without chemotherapy, achieving the same efficacy against the disease but reducing the side effects on the patient. This is the goal of a new clinical study underway at the San Gerardo hospital in Monza, il Phergain-2 protocol available at the Phase 1 Research Center of the Asst Brianza. MORE INFORMATION “Participating … Read more