Auto, De Meo brings Brussels back to reality. «With the Euro7 factories closed»

Auto De Meo brings Brussels back to reality With the

How heavy is the auto industry But de Meo made a point of premising that Brussels’ strictness towards four-wheelers (which will have to reduce CO2 emissions by 100% by 2035, while for the energy industry it speaks of 70% and for the rest of the transport by 50%) has an impact on what represents an … Read more

The aid network that brings generators to Ukraine and the New Year attacks

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Dozens of countries have supplied Kiev with civilian materials to support citizens and resistance. Meanwhile, the Russian attacks do not stop Not just weapons. To withstand the waves of Russian bombing Kiev is in dire need of civilian materialcomponents designed to support the electricity grid repeatedly affected even in these hours. a concerted effort involving … Read more

Russia brings gas back to Europe: Putin bets on it

Russia brings gas back to Europe Putin bets on it

The Russian gas in Europe again. Russia wants to resume gas exports to European countries via the pipeline Yamal, which from Siberia arrives in Germany via Belarus and Poland. Flows from this pipeline decreased from the start of the war in Ukraine to zero from May 2022 onwards. After months of generalized declines in gas … Read more

Fiat brings the Fiat 500e to the United States

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

While enthusiasts and onlookers are buzzing about the debut of the first electric Abarth, now just around the corner, Fiat is announcing something else at the 2022 Los Angeles Motor Show. For North America the 500e arrivesthe successful electric car from the Turin-based company which also aims to conquer the overseas market with a recipe … Read more

Tajani brings the migrant dossier to Europe today. Resistance and attempts for mediation

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

from Francesca Basso The Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels today. The fears of the European Commission FROM OUR CORRESPONDENTBRUSSELS – To understand what to expect from the Foreign Affairs Council held today in Brussels, we must remember that the war in Ukraine is still ongoing with all its consequences. And this will be the heart … Read more

YouTube brings pinch-to-zoom to the iOS and Android app

YouTube brings pinch to zoom to the iOS and Android app

The latest update of YouTube (how YouTube Clip works) brings an interesting one function, as well as a number of small but interesting ones changes of design. Time ago Google is working on pinch-to-zoom in its popular video app for mobile devices and, after introducing it this August for users Premium, today it is finally … Read more

Zuckerberg brings the world of work into the metaverse: “It will be a social experience” | The new Meta Quest Pro headsets have been unveiled

Zuckerberg brings the world of work into the metaverse It

The new viewers such as tablets and PCs – The new metaverse viewer is called “Meta Quest Pro” and will be available from 25 October also in Italy. It is aimed in particular at professionals such as architects, engineers, builders, designers, creatives. “It will become like the tablets and laptops that people use now – … Read more

TIM brings 10 Gigabit fiber to homes. Blankets 33 cities, costs 34.99 euros

It’s called TIM WiFi Power and promises record speed for fiber: 10 Gbit. It will initially cost 34.90 euros per month instead of 39.90, and is available from today in over 30 cities. Dropping a veil on the name, which tries to take the wake of Sky Wi-fi, we find ourselves in front of … Read more

Cremonese-Napoli 1-2 direct: Simeone brings back the blues

Luca Salatino and Elenoire Ferruzzi the confrontation with Soraia

19:37 80 ‘- The Ciofani tower enters Alvini tries to play it with the towers. Ascacibar exits and the long Ciofani enters. 19:34 77 ‘- Napoli ahead with Simeone Mario Rui’s cross from the left, Radu passed, arrives Simeone headed and bags for the 2-1 Napoli. Historic goal, it is the 3,500 in Serie A … Read more

Giorgia Soleri again in the eye of the storm, she defends herself from criticism and brings up her boyfriend Damiano David (who replies on Twitter)

Giorgia Soleri again in the eye of the storm she

Giorgia Soleri she is one of the influencers that divides the public the most; on the one hand there are those who love her and consider her social activism a move to raise awareness of important issues; on the other hand, there are those who consider it a bit “too much”. In fact, the girl … Read more