Marco Masini: “They told me I brought bad luck, but I sang the discomfort of the nineties”

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Back to the Future is that if I could talk to myself about 1991, the worst thing I could do is tell him what will make him suffer, how not to be wrong, talk to him about the pitfalls of love, of who wants you badly, in what … Read more

Russia-Ukraine, war stories | To Bucha the 26-year-old who brought people to safety with the van: “Executed with a blow to the head” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Russia Ukraine war stories To Bucha the 26 year old who brought

The acts of heroism from below, which emerged after an announced tragedy, leave only a bad taste in the mouth. Dzhanna Kaminieva had not begun to save people from the violent aggression of the Russian army a Bucha because he thought he was invincible, she felt it was only necessary to do her duty. She … Read more