Auto, De Meo brings Brussels back to reality. «With the Euro7 factories closed»

Auto De Meo brings Brussels back to reality With the

How heavy is the auto industry But de Meo made a point of premising that Brussels’ strictness towards four-wheelers (which will have to reduce CO2 emissions by 100% by 2035, while for the energy industry it speaks of 70% and for the rest of the transport by 50%) has an impact on what represents an … Read more

Mazzette in the EU, Kaili sees his daughter again in Brussels prison. Meanwhile, the Eurochamber is preparing the squeeze on lobbies: here’s what it foresees – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Almost a month after his arrest, Eva Kaili he was able to see his 22-month-old daughter again. The little girl was taken to the prison Haren from grandfather Alexandrosat first also involved in the investigation of the federal prosecutor’s office in Brussels: he had been stopped with a suitcase full of cash and then released. … Read more

Qatargate, Giorgi and the money laundering, the statements to the Brussels magistrates

Mario Caucci ex husband of Noemi Bocchi He knows what

Qatar, Morocco but also Mauritania. The Belgian 007: «Panzeri and Giorgi use a coded language hiding the money in their apartments Money that comes in cash from Qatar and from Morocco with drug trafficking methods, meetings in Paris during which ties and suits are spoken in code to understand wads of banknotesand after close contacts … Read more

Qatargate, EU Parliament raided in Brussels. Eva Kaili and her father found with 750 thousand euros in cash: 17 thousand at Panzeri’s house in Italy – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Qatargate EU Parliament raided in Brussels Eva Kaili and her

Searches of the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office in the offices of European Parliament in Brussels. The investigating judge Michael Claiseowner ofinvestigation on bribes from Qatar and Morocco, showed up in the building on Monday afternoon together with a team of police investigators, just as the plenary session was underway in Strasbourg (the other seat of … Read more

Qatar scandal, MEP Erik Marquardt: «Those invitations to the World Cup and the pressing in Brussels. So they tried to buy us”

“Faced with this scandal, an attack on EU democracy, we must pause the approval of visa liberalization with Qatar”. Erik Marquardt, German MEP of the Greens, is the rapporteur of the provision that aims to simplify visa procedures with the Gulf State, being examined by the plenary – which could now stop it – after … Read more

Brussels, urban warfare after Morocco’s victory over Belgium. Hundreds of North Africans besiege the center

Cesare Cremonini assault on the Euganeo stadium Fans in

From the great joy for the victory of the Lions of the Atlas in Qatar to the taking of the streets of the center of Brussels. The post-game of Belgium-Morocco at the World Cup it turned into an urban guerilla in the heart of the Belgian capital between a few hundred young Moroccan fans and … Read more

Soumahoro’s blow, Adani to put down and Brussels: so, today…

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

– I believe that by now it is clear even to the stones: the story of Aboubakar Soumahoro, in all its forms, has killed the left. It wasn’t already in good shape, given the election results, but this blow is the final blow. In summary, this happened: the left abandoned workers to embrace the environmental … Read more

Twitter closes its office in Brussels: it is left without personnel, the embarrassment of the EU

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

Twitter’s Brussels office was left completely without staff, so it announced today that it is closing. The six employees of the team who were working decided to leave their jobs after the email from the new CEO, Elon Musk, with which he launched his ultimatum announcing the plan cuts 7,500 workers and asks the rest … Read more

Tajani: «The reaction of France is disproportionate. Now Brussels make a code of conduct “

Tajani The reaction of France is disproportionate Now Brussels make

from Monica Guerzoni Foreign Minister: private entities do not determine our policy Minister Antonio Tajanithe government will be able to mend it tear with France? «We on the issue of migrants we have posed a political problemwe did not want to create any controversy. There has been a disproportionate reaction from France, also for their … Read more

First grain for Minister Giorgetti, the recapitalization of Mps is a flop and Brussels smells of state aid – Il Fatto Quotidiano

First grain for Minister Giorgetti the recapitalization of Mps is

Brussels fears that the hyper-dilutive recapitalization of € 2.5 billion started last week from Monte dei Paschi di Siena, may constitute illegal state aid. The British newspaper writes it Financial Times. The EU Antitrust would be examining the issue of 125 million commissions which will go to the consortium of guarantor banks (i.e. which undertake … Read more