Harry “is not welcome at the coronation of King Charles III”. For Buckingham Palace the “escort son” has exaggerated

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The success achieved by the burning memoir «Spare» (400,000 copies were sold in England on Wednesday alone and Harry earned between 9 and 12 million pounds) could not be without consequences. The ex-prince’s confessions are so harsh, so tough is the reaction of Buckingham Palace which has already made it known through the “senior royals” … Read more

Harry, in Spare the revelations about Charles III and the joke that hurt him: “I’m not your father”. Buckingham Palace’s no comment

“I wonder if I’m really your real father.” This, according to the stories of Prince Harry, one of the jokes, who loved to make him her father, making fun of the rumors according to which Lady Diana’s second son would be the son of one of her former lovers, Major James Hewitt. Relations in the … Read more

Queen of Denmark, the decision that also makes Buckingham Palace shake

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The Queen of Denmark has made a decision that is already causing a sensation and which could also have consequences for the English Crown. Margrethe revealed of wanting to deprive some of his grandchildren of royal titles, thus putting pressure on King Charles and the future of Prince Harry, his wife Meghan Markle and their … Read more

Charles is King and Buckingham Palace already goes haywire: first diplomatic incident

Charles III became King just over 10 days and already Buckingham Palace falters, committing a mistake against the Danish Royal Family that could easily turn into a serious diplomatic incident. At the center of the story is the invitation to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral sent to Princess Mary of Denmark, a note that should never have … Read more

Regina Elisabetta II: folla da record per l’ultimo viaggio da Buckingham Palace a Westminster. Code di 30 ore per l’ultimo saluto

Regina Elisabetta II folla da record per lultimo viaggio da

LONDRA – Si sposta da Buckingham Palace il feretro della regina Elisabetta che è stato vegliato da figli e nipoti dopo l’arrivo ieri sera a Londra da Edimburgo. Dopo una solenne processione ha raggiunto il palazzo di Westminster Hall, sede del parlamento del Regno Unito, dove – dopo un breve rito di suffragio officiato dall’arcivescovo anglicano di … Read more

At Buckingham Palace is Queen Elizabeth’s secret pool that her dad had built for her

1662939677 At Buckingham Palace is Queen Elizabeths secret pool that her

The newest of his swimmers is the prince Louis, but before him, even his little sister Charlotte and little brother George started to happily splash around in it, starting at one year of age. Before that, in the Buckingham Palace secret poolPrinces William and Harry, Prince Charles and his brothers, and Queen Elizabeth with her … Read more

Farewell to Elizabeth, for her 96 cannon shots. Charles at Buckingham Palace, the crowd cheers him – Europe

1662742216 Farewell to Elizabeth for her 96 cannon shots Charles at

Death bells in London – from St Paul’s Cathedral to Westminster – in memory of Queen Elizabeth, who passed away yesterday after 70 years of reign. This is the signal that also sets in motion formally today the official mourning machine, marked, to follow, by the 96 cannon volleys – one for each of the … Read more

A destroyed prince, after his mother he too loses: drama at Buckingham Palace

A destroyed prince after his mother he too loses drama

A painful farewell shocks Buckingham Palace and English subjects. After the tragedy involving Diana, here is another painful farewell. The British monarchy is forced to face another blow that concerns the young royal. The Windsor family is, of course, one of the most important and famous families in the world and is always the center … Read more

Scandal, Prince Charles has had a secret son for many years. Buckingham Palace is shaking

Scandal Prince Charles has had a secret son for many

An indiscretion that could cast a lot of shadow on the English crown, the secret son of Prince Charles comes out, he is now a man and would be the son of the direct heir to the throne. An incredible new scandal is about to explode right at Buckingham Palace and this time it sees … Read more

Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace with Charles, William and George: in this greeting the deliveries for the future

from Enrica Roddolo It began with the queen at “that” balcony, and ends with a new, never-so-anticipated appearance of the British sovereign at the same balcony. A view that delivers the message of the future: it presents the succession to the throne with Charles, William and George FROM OUR MAILLONDON – Here she is the … Read more