Fedez, the denunciation of Don Ravagnani: “He insulted and bullied me”

Fedez the denunciation of Don Ravagnani He insulted and bullied

Francesca D’Angelo 23 October 2022 Don Alberto Ravagnani, who would have thought that? Bullied at 29 …“Oh yeah! I am an adult and I have broad shoulders but, if we have to give a name to this whole affair, it is bullying ยป. “Affair”, let’s face it, very singular. Apparently, in fact, Fedez he also … Read more

Jessica Gagen, from bullied because of her red hair to beauty queen

from Chronicles editing For years the victim of friends and classmates. “They even tried to burn them once.” But then she realized that her hair color was her she marches her more than hers: she came second to Miss England and she is aiming to become Miss World. For years she has been bullied about … Read more