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Davide Donadei buried by an ex of Amici Figura di

Men and women a few weeks ago he returned to keep us company every afternoon, from Monday to Friday, on Canale 5. And now during the broadcast of the episode on Davide Donadei, a former student of Friends he blurted out saying: “Even with me, how many figures!”. But who is it? And why did … Read more

Farewell to the Queen, Elizabeth buried in Windsor with Philip. The tears of subjects and royalty – Europe

1663592640 I funerali di Elisabetta II Una vita dedicata a servire

Touching and symbolically significant moment before the burial of Elizabeth II. The royal insignia – the crown, the scepter and the golden globe – were removed from his coffin and handed over in St George’s chapel to the celebrant who placed them on the altar.: as if to testify that Elizabeth descends into the tomb … Read more

The tortured bodies, buried in the mud: inside the abyss of the Izyum wood

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

from Francesco Battistini They are the largest mass graves discovered in Europe since the time of Srebrenica: among the 445 corpses also of children If this is a dead man. The body disjointed and folded into a kind of thema pile of muddy and faded rags to wrap it up, a noose around the neck. … Read more

Queen Elizabeth, fatal a fall in the house. The choice of the tomb: will she be buried next to Philip?

Bologna Cosenza 1 0 the rossoblu win for Sinisa Sport

LONDON – Queen Elizabeth died of trauma sustained in an accidental fall. The rumors that were already circulating in London on Thursday were confirmed yesterday by reliable sources close to the Royal Family. After the accident, probably caused by the Sovereign’s motor difficulties, the doctors who assisted her at any time of the day immediately … Read more