Blangiardo (Istat): the “demographic winter” will burn a third of GDP

Listen to the audio version of the article “Probably this year we will once again drop” the number of those born in Italy: in 2021 there were 399 thousand but if this year’s trend continues we will fall below this threshold again. And if ¬ętoday we have 800,000 people aged 90 or over, in 2050 … Read more

The soleus push-up: the calf movement to burn fat from the desk

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

from Cristina Marrone According to Houston scientists, raising and lowering muscle improves blood sugar fluctuation and doubles the rate of fat metabolism on a par with walking. the dream of all lazy people: to burn fat from the desk. possible? Maybe not quite like taking a run or playing a high intensity tennis match, for … Read more

Many are adopting this technique to achieve a flat stomach early and to burn calories without much effort

Assuming that each of us must be accepted as it is, many do not think this way. If, every day, we open our eyes with the thought of having to lose weight to finally feel good about ourselves, then here’s what to do. First, we ask for advice from experts. A good nutritionist could suggest … Read more

Here’s how many minutes we should walk to reduce cellulite, burn carbohydrates and fat, and improve circulation

Heres how many minutes we should walk to reduce cellulite

There are still a few months left before summer arrives but already, for many women, the problem of the costume test is starting to be felt. Some of them begin to look at their bodies with a critical eye, identifying even the smallest flaw. To lose that extra pound, there are those who decide to … Read more