The gate of Hell has been burning since 1971, scientists are studying its nature

The gate of Hell has been burning since 1971 scientists

The Gate of Hell, what is it about? It has been burning since 1971. The scientists’ study of it is very interesting Crater – Gate of Hell (Pexels) FOR ALL OTHER UPDATES FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM There natureas we all know, it constantly offers us shows with fantastic peculiarities and disarming beauty. However, it happens … Read more

Ukraine Russia, latest news on the war: bombs in Kharkiv and burning on the Crimean bridge

Ukraine Russia latest news on the war bombs in Kharkiv

The Ukrainian advance continues in the territories currently in the hands of the Russian armed forces. Russia, for its part, does not stop the missile attacks while US President Joe Biden evokes an “Armageddon”, a risk that has not been run “since the Cuban missile crisis”, because Vladimir Putin “is not joking when he talks … Read more

The huge line of cars to leave Burning Man | Flashes – The Post

The huge line of cars to leave Burning Man

Wednesday at the White House, the official residence of the President of the United States in Washington, were presented portraits of former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama. The custom provides that two “official portraits” each be dedicated to former presidents and first ladies: the first two they are usually presented at … Read more


In the early afternoon of yesterday the Municipality of Florence presented to the press the technical and economic feasibility project of the ARUP studio that won the competition, to renovate the Artemio Franchi stadium (the one to redevelop the neighboring area will be illustrated shortly). The major novelty, compared to what has emerged … Read more

5 Tricks To Lose Weight And Reduce Waist Faster By Burning More Calories When Going For A Walk

Burning calories, losing bacon, losing weight and getting fit for the summer is the goal of many. You can lose weight and get to the swimsuit fitting in time, even just by walking. There are a few tricks you can take on a daily walk to burn more calories.To lose weight and get to the … Read more