Mom recovers from stage 4 breast cancer with a “new treatment”: “I was given 3 years to live”

1675319963 Mom recovers from stage 4 breast cancer with a new

A mom who was given just three years to live after a heartbreaking diagnosis is now free from breast cancer, thanks to a “miraculous” treatment. Judy Perkins’ cancer journey first began in 2003 when she was informed that she had stage zero breast cancer. She underwent a mastectomy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy. Treatments were successful, … Read more

Antonella Clerici reveals the cancer that scared her: “I feared that…” –

1673443332 Antonella Clerici reveals the cancer that scared her I feared

A very delicate moment in the life of Antonella Clerici, face to face with a confession and confidence concerning the fear of a cancer that had also frightened her in the past. In these years Antonella Clerici he had the opportunity to talk extensively about the way his life changed after the premature farewell to … Read more

«Already in 2005 the cases of pancreatic cancer and leukemia among footballers were double» (Avvenire) – ilNapolista

Already in 2005 the cases of pancreatic cancer and leukemia

The study of the Istituto Superiore della Sanità, commissioned by Guariniello. Dr. Vanacore: «Rereading it made me uncomfortable. We need to update it.” Db Firenze 02/09/2021 – World Cup Qualifiers Qatar 2022 / Italy-Bulgaria / photo Daniele Buffa/Image Sport In the photo: Gianluca Vialli L’Avvenire takes its cue from the deaths of Gianluca Vialli and … Read more

Vialli died at 58, he was being treated for pancreatic cancer. “Illness is not just suffering”

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

By now he had been an Italian Londoner for a quarter of a century, ea Londonat the Royal Marsden Hospital where he had been hospitalized for three weeks, is gone Gianluca Vialli, at just 58 years old. He was born in Cremona on July 9, 1964. He leaves behind his wife Cathryn and two daughters, … Read more

Pancreatic cancer: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Gianluca Vialli’s disease

Pancreatic cancer symptoms diagnosis and treatment of Gianluca Viallis disease

It is a very dangerous type of cancer: only 10% of those affected are alive five years after diagnosis Gianluca Vialli fought for five years with the pancreatic cancer, it looked like he was able to surpass that in 2020, but unfortunately in the end the disease won out and snatched the beloved former footballer … Read more

Colon cancer: the symptoms of the disease that killed Pele, strange and unsuspected –

Colon cancer the symptoms of the disease that killed Pele

Colon cancer, when prevention is the best weapon at our disposal. Prevention is paying attention to the symptoms of the disease, some of which are unsuspected. Which? At a time when our worries are absorbed by the economic crisis and the continuous rises in bills, mortgages, fuel, basic necessities, we fatally forget to safeguard our … Read more

Pancreatic cancer, new American cure eliminates cancer in over 20% of cases

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

New cure for pancreatic cancer. It was developed by a group of American scientists, who in a item published onthe scientific journal nature cancer indicate that they have found a more effective therapy. Like? Using immunotherapy. The researchers come fromMD Anderson Cancer Center of the University of Texas and performed a combination with immunotherapy targeting … Read more

Blogs | The increase in cancer cases is alarming news: a real ‘epidemic’ – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Blogs The increase in cancer cases is alarming news

Recently the ISS reported the news that we are dealing with a real one cancer “epidemic”. in our country: in 2022, in Italy, 390,700 new cancer diagnoses are estimated (in 2020 they were 376,600), 205,000 in men and 185,700 in women, with an increase of 14,100 cases in two years. Knowing that one out of … Read more

Cancer: Even one training session can slow it down, according to a study

Maldini Milan are not satisfied with a Scudetto the Champions

An Australian study reveals the importance of exercise in slowing down cancer. Thanks to some special proteins Eugene Spagnuolo January 04th – Milan The news is one that bodes well, even if it should be taken with the necessary caution, given that it is a small study. But according to scientists from Edith Cowan University … Read more

Cancer, terminally ill heals with experimental cure: “The doctors had given me a year to live”

La vita di Cristina Vittoria Egger chi e la madre

A year of life ahead and the only hope represented by an experimental therapy. Robert Glynn survived cancer and now his story is giving hope to thousands of patients around the world. The story comes from Manchester, in the United Kingdom. The man, a 51-year-old worker, learned in 2020 that he … Read more