Juventus, capital gains trial: the Public Prosecutor’s Office is asking for 9 penalty points. The club: “Appeal inadmissible”

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ROME – About twenty minutes late the new process on capital gains, a remake of what between April and May 2022 had brought only acquittals: for the Juventus and the other companies involved. It starts again after the request for revocation of the prosecutor’s office, daughter of the Prisma investigation of the Turin prosecutor’s office: … Read more

Integrated medicine, the treatments in L’Aquila of prof. Carlo Di Stanislao – The Capital

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Professor Carlo Di Stanislao, a dermatologist from L’Aquila, esteemed and known in Italy and abroad, returns to practice in the city after a few years of absence, “To do what I’ve learned to do over the years. Dermatology, clinical sexology, allergy, immunology, acupuncture, homeopathy and phytotherapy. Different disciplines that have served and serve me to … Read more

Sabatini ‘defrauded’ reopens the Juve-Roma chaos: from Garcia’s violin to Marotta’s capital gains, what’s behind it

“What do I think? I feel cheated. While Juve was doing what is being contested, I was losing a championship in Rome with 87 points“. The sentence spoken by makes people discuss Walter Sabatini in an interview with Sports Courierin reference to theinvestigation into capital gains and salaries involving Juventus. But what season and what … Read more

Capital gains Juve, many ‘minor’ operations in the crosshairs: those who struggle in Serie C and those who play in Kosovo

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Last Thursday, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office requested the revocation of the sentence with which the Court of Appeal of the FIGC he had acquitted Juventus and 8 other clubs last May for the investigation linked to capital gains. The hearing in which the Bianconeri and the other clubs involved will know if the case will … Read more

Increasingly convenient postal bonds: with a capital of 15,000 euros you can now get a crazy return

Increasingly convenient postal bonds with a capital of 15000 euros

When it comes to savings, we cannot forget the postal savings bonds guaranteed by the state and distributed by Poste Italiane. Investing part of your money in postal savings bonds is important for Italians who can thus guarantee themselves an extra income. InformationToday Of course, even if the invested capital can be high (starting from … Read more

Juve capital gains investigation, hearing set for new trial: wiretaps

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High noon. The FIGC appeals court has set the hearing to decide on a possible new sporting trial on the alleged fictitious capital gains of Juventus and 9 other clubs (Empoli, Genoa, the “old” Novara , Parma, Pescara, Pisa, Pro Vercelli and Sampdoria) with 52 executives involved. The federal prosecutor could in fact reopen the … Read more

Capital gains Juve, the sports prosecutor’s office reopens the investigation: eight other clubs are involved. What risks

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Of Sports editorial team The sporting trial (in which 11 clubs and 61 managers were involved) ended with the acquittal of managers and clubs for the impossibility of giving a single market value to the players A new front opens up capital gains of sports justice, and Juventus is at the center, but not only. … Read more

EXCLUSIVE TJ – Ciabattini (FFP expert): “Penal situation more serious than the sporting one, on UEFA I exclude exclusion from cups. On capital gains…”

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The editorial staff of TuttoJuve.com contacted the Sport Business expert exclusively by telephone, Paul Cobblersto talk in depth about what is happening at Juve and beyond: That idea yes is done on how much is happening in home Juve? “The situation is the result of wicked management that began many years … Read more

Claudio Chiellini the “accountant” of capital gains: “120 million are missing to reach 0”

Lancia Prisma molto piu di una Delta con la coda

from Sports editorial team The brother of the former Juventus captain Giorgio appears in the Prosecutor’s office: “120 million are missing to reach zero” he wrote in an email to Paratici and Cherubini On the one hand Giorgio, historic captain, quoted in the papers of the investigation into Juventus’ accounts by the Turin prosecutor’s office … Read more

Juventus case, adjusted financial statements but the Public Prosecutor disputes 170 million in capital gains

Listen to the audio version of the article Juventus therefore has adjusted the consolidated financial statements as at June 30, 2022 with a deficit of 239.3 million (compared to the deficit of 226.8 million in the previous year). In realigning the reports relating to the three-year period 2020-2022 (and in particular to the years 2019/20 … Read more