What happens if you fall asleep while driving? This car saves your life | The video is impressive – QuattroMania.it

What happens if you fall asleep while driving This car

Lately, the very famous cars of the South African entrepreneur Elon Musk have rained a lot of criticism relating to the safety of the autopilot. Are they deserved? See what a Tesla can do all by itself … Fall asleep is one of the most feared eventualities by any motorist who travels long after sunset … Read more

Roof of the car, you have always had them there but you do not know what they are for: from today you will use them every day – solomotori.it

Roof of the car you have always had them there

There are some accessory features, regarding our car, that we often ignore, but that we could exploit in a certain way. On the roof of the car, for example, there are parts that you’ve always had there, but never consider them. Read this guide so you know how to take advantage of it! With the’use … Read more

Lidl, there is also an electric car and you can pay for it in installments: seeing is believing – solofinanza.it

Lidl there is also an electric car and you can

You can rent a fantastic electric car from Lidl for just 222 Euros per month. Here’s how the supermarket chain tries to help the environment. In Italy, the sale of electric cars is not going very well, but luckily Lidl has devised an initiative that perhaps will make us change our minds. Let’s find out … Read more

The relaunch of a historic Italian car brand

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

A glorious brand of Italian motorsport is ready to make a comeback thanks to the relaunch operation implemented in the last period. Let’s talk about OSCA., acronym of the iconic Officine Specializzate Costruzioni Automobili, which since 1947 has written important pages in the history of Italian motoring, becoming, within a few years, a reference point … Read more

Broken car, the only thing to do is this: don’t get caught unprepared

Broken car the only thing to do is this dont

All careful and foresighted motorists should have the first emergency kit, battery charger or car battery cables in the car, which can be used at any time, being in front of the car that does not start. Machine stopped – Motori.news In case of necessity both the kit and the battery chargera can save lives … Read more

Is it worth buying the Mitsubishi Space Star 2022? The pros and cons of the small car at 8 thousand euros

West Nile in Italia 94 casi e 7 morti Forte

Probably when we think of small cars, the great classics on Italian roads come to mind. But why not take the Mitsubishi Space Star 2022? The Japanese subcompact received two restylings, one in 2016 and the other in 2019. During the latter, the front end took on a real character. In keeping with the Eclipse … Read more

New Toyota Sienta 2022-2023, the new city car ready to really challenge Fiat Panda

War in Ukraine where are we armies blocked south disputed

Toyota has just launched the brand new third generation Toyota Sienta 2022, now built on the latest TNGA-B platform. The first generation Toyota Sienta was only offered for a few years after launching in 2016, never having received the 2018 facelift. Discovering the Toyota Sienta 2022-2023 The unique appearance of Toyota Sienta 2022-2023 is the … Read more

Car wheels, never reverse them like this: unbelievable, you were always wrong | Do this

Car wheels never reverse them like this unbelievable you were

Reversing the wheels of the car is a subject that is always hotly debated among technicians, experts and enthusiasts. But what is fairer to do? What, on the other hand, is not recommended? Let’s go clarify this thorny topic! Wheel change – MotoriNews There are many who have different ideas as to whether it is … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today. The Russians bomb the Zelensky city dam. The president involved in a car accident

Ukraine Russia news from the war today The Russians

“If Kiev got” the long-range missiles he requested United States, “big Russian cities could be hit and this would mean direct US involvement in a military confrontation with Russia.” She told the agency Sputnik the Russian ambassador to the USA, Anatoly Antonov.Meanwhile, the Ukrainian counter-offensive continues, with the release of almost 8.5thousand kilometers squares of … Read more