Flight of doctors, Covid, expensive bills and few funds: “Health care one step away from the crash”

Flight of doctors Covid expensive bills and few funds Health

Listen to the audio version of the article Almost three years of a pandemic that swept hospitals like a tsunami, now also grappling with expensive bills that eat up a large part of the extra funds from the maneuver. Added to this is the chronic shortage of personnel with doctors and nurses fleeing the most … Read more

Kidney Health: 10 Symptoms You Can’t Ignore If You Care

Kidney Health 10 Symptoms You Cant Ignore If You Care

Video Transcript of the video follows Introduction I have the clear feeling that we often take it for granted… kidney health, I’m talking about kidney health, yet according to the 2019 “Global Burden of Disease” kidney failure is one of the 10 most relevant risk factors in terms of mortality and disability, along with the … Read more

Should Google care about ChatGPT? – The post

Tutti i film di Natale da vedere in tv oggi

In late November OpenAI, a non-profit artificial intelligence research organization, presented to the public Chat GPT, a software designed to converse with users through a chat. This type of tool, commonly called “chatbot”, has existed for some time but ChatGPT has made itself known for its great ability to generate textual content of all kinds, … Read more

High tension Serbia-Kosovo, Belgrade alerts the army. Pristina: “If NATO doesn’t remove the barricades, we’ll take care of it”

High tension Serbia Kosovo Belgrade alerts the army Pristina If NATO

Tension continues to rise in the north of Kosovo, where new barricades appeared today December 27th. The Serbian government said it had put its army in maximum alert to deal with what it sees as Pristina’s growing threats. «The President of Serbia has ordered the Serbian army to remain at highest level of readiness to … Read more

Covid, in China “intensive care is becoming saturated”. WHO: “Beijing underestimates the curve of infections”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The sudden explosion of infections in China worries the WHO. There is a lack of reliable data, but testimonies such as those of a hospital in Shanghai arrive from megalopolises: “We are in a tragic battle, out of 25 million inhabitants there are at least 5.4 million infected” FROM OUR REPRESENTATIVE IN BEIJING“There China declares … Read more

Decriminalization of the medical act: serenity in care first of all

Decriminalization of the medical act serenity in care first of

December 16th – Dear Director,in the last period it has been customary for the main national television networks to broadcast at least one program every day which talks about the “crisis of our NHS”. From time to time the news is declined in a different way, considering the multiple facets of the question. Personnel numbers, … Read more

Message from a hospitalized Pelé: «I am strong, you give me energy». Palliative care and prayers

Lasse con lAustria le mosse sui contratti come lItalia puo

from Gaia Piccardi La Folha de San Paolo writes that only palliative care remains for colon cancer. At the World Cup, Fifa makes 100 drones fly up to draw the green-and-gold number 10 shirt in the sky, Mbapp (whom O Rei wanted to meet at the 2019 World Cup): Get well, king Hurry, the alchemist … Read more

From Brazil: “Pelé does not respond to chemo, transferred to the palliative care ward”

From Brazil Pele does not respond to chemo transferred to

Dramatic indiscretion from “A Folha” on the health conditions of the former champion after the removal of a tumor on his intestine New rumors from Brazil on health conditions of Pele. According to “A Folha” reports, the former green-gold star is not would be more responsive to chemotherapy which he has undergone since last September … Read more

It’s time to make a law that makes the vaccination obligation permanent for all health care workers

Medicine, with its continuous overwhelming development, has prolonged life and conquered or conditioned innumerable ills. Doctors cannot escape supporting battles of civilization by collaborating in civic education and global security. The proposal for a law on the vaccination obligation of healthcare personnel would have a clinical aspect to protect the risk of patients and a … Read more