Expensive petrol, no problem: here are the cars that consume the least – Mondofuoristrada.it

Expensive petrol no problem here are the cars that consume

Since the beginning of January, the prices of petrol and diesel have soared again. Some cars, however, allow you to consume much less fuel than the average. Let’s find out which are the most convenient models from this point of view. Since January 1, the problem related to the fuel cost he returned to harass … Read more

“Euro 7 will be the killer of utility cars”

Euro 7 will be the killer of utility cars

According to Thomas Schäfer, CEO of the Volkswagen brand, the new emissions legislation is a “disappointment”. And the risk of growth in price lists is real Gianluigi Giannetti January 12th – Las Vegas (USA) The electric car remains the goal, the right and exciting choice, however destined to coexist with a wrong and disappointing one, … Read more

Off to the incentives: cars under 15 thousand euros

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

Car prices are not always within everyone’s reach, on the contrary. Also for this reason – but not only – the automotive market has stalled: due to the high cost of living, purchasing power has dropped and the second-hand market has grown, the difficulties in procuring raw materials and microchips have made the production and … Read more

Dear fuel, with these cars you consume very little: a choice that can change your life | The official list – solomotori.it

Dear fuel with these cars you consume very little a

Car consumption ranking. Here are the ones they consume by type of engine in 2022. (Mercedes-Benz) When choosing a car, parameters such as the purchase price, line, passenger compartment and trunk capacity, segment or standard accessories tend to be more considered. But in a period of crisis like the one we are experiencing, and with … Read more

Electric cars – Tavares: “Factories at risk if prices don’t drop”

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Carlos Tavaresmanaging director of Stellantisreturns to issue clear warnings on the social and industrial effects of electric mobility and on the need to reduce costs and prices to make accessible cars on tap to the general public. In particular, his automotive group and the entire four-wheeler sector could find themselves in the need to proceed … Read more

Fiat, the new SUV arrives that “copies” the luxurious German cars but costs like a small car

Fiat the new SUV arrives that copies the luxurious German

Fiat, here comes the new SUV that “copies” the luxurious German cars but costs like a small car. A model destined to carve out a good slice of the market We’re talking about the model called Fastback, an affordable coupé SUV that closely resembles the lines and formats of Mercedes and BMW. By spending much … Read more

All new Audi cars from small cars and crossovers to sedans expected for 2023

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

What are the new Audi cars from small cars and crossovers to sedans expected for 2023? Audi is preparing to launch interesting news on the market, focusing more and more on the electric and on the restyling of already well-known models. Let’s see what’s new this year. New Audi Q3 restyling and news … Read more

Bags, Europe starts 2023 on the right foot. Cars and petroleum workers run in Milan

The latest from Radiocor January 2nd, 6.40pm Cars: Centro Studi Promotor, 2022 catastrophic, distant return to normal January 2nd, 6:28 pm Auto: Unrae, 2022 sales close to historic lows, “no measure in the Budget Law” January 2nd, 6.25pm Public accounts: Treasury, 2022 requirement of 66.9 bn (-39.6 bn) (RCO) See all Listen to the audio … Read more