Cassano explodes: “I can’t tell you certain things in Rai, stick to…”. Adani explains who it is with

Cassano explodes I cant tell you certain things in Rai

Bobo TV is back on Twitch, with Cassano and Adani unleashed in responding to criticism for their interventions on Rai for the World Cup. And there is no shortage of strong words and references. Turn on notifications to receive updates on Who expected to see that on Rai too Bobo TV he was used to … Read more

World Cup, Bobo TV in Rai is not convincing: the mockery of social networks on Cassano and Adani

World Cup Bobo TV in Rai is not convincing the

It was the social revelation of recent years, a boom that broke out on the occasion of the pandemic and grew over time, the Bobo-tv invented by Vieri and posted first on Instagram and then on twitch had bewitched everyone. Four friends on the loose, the former Inter striker, Cassano and Adani fixed more Fan … Read more

Cassano argues with Moggi: “I rejected Juventus twice for you, I would have stuck you on the wall”. He replies: “You wouldn’t be able to”

Cassano argues with Moggi I rejected Juventus twice for you

Long-distance dispute (via social media) between Antonio Cassano and the former Juventus director, Luciano Moggi. To unleash the clash to the sound of chirps and videos a judgment of the Bari, given during an episode of the BoboTvon Cristiano Ronaldo, now taken out of Manchester United squad. Called a declining footballer by the former Real … Read more

Cassano attacca: «Haaland non sa giocare, Batistuta non pagava il caffè. Il litigio tra me e Totti…»

Gemelli tirate fuori gli artigli loroscopo di domani giovedi 22

di Gregorio Spigno il solito Fantantonio quello ospite nel salotto del cantante e dello youtuber Luis Sal: stoccate e prese in giro su chiunque. Chiellini cattivo? un uomo per bene Antonio Cassano sempre il solito. Parla, racconta, spara. A zero su tutti. Peter Pan, l’eterno bambino del pallone, un fiume in piena . E da … Read more

Allegri, Agnelli, Cassano. And then the blowback with Sanchez: Inter, to everything Marotta –

Contacts with Allegri, relations with Agnelli and Cassano. But also the future of him, Pogba, Messi. Beppe Marottaat Inter, was told at 360 ° a Dazn. Contact with Allegri.“Before taking Inzaghi, there was a contact with Allegri. We did not imagine that Simone was willing to come, while Max was free and certainly represented an … Read more