Cristina Scuccia, the former nun: «I could no longer understand who I was, Pope Francis would understand. First thing without the cassock? A bike ride »

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from Paschal Elijah The former nun, winner of “The Voice of Italy” in 2014, tells herself: “I have no sense of guilt for having left the cassock, I want to go back to singing” Never felt guilty for the choice made, but the fear of disappointing yes. And a lot too. «I have always felt … Read more

Sister Cristina says goodbye to her cassock, now it’s only Cristina: “I listened to my heart”

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from Laura Zangarini The winner of The Voice Of Italy 2014, a member of the Ursuline Sisters of the Holy Family, leaves the consecrated life to continue dedicating herself to music “He called himself Sister Christinatoday it is simply Christina». Like this Silvia Toffanin announced yesterday at “Very true” the very special guest of his … Read more