Congo, Father Zanotelli: “Let’s break the silence on the ongoing genocide: the immense mineral wealth has already caused 12 million deaths” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

“Let’s break the silence on the Congo. In that country there is a genocide and there is a risk that it could explode second African international warbut no one talks about it.” To launch this appeal is Father Alex Zanotelli84 years of which twelve spent at Korogochothe largest slums of Kenya. Today the Combonian who … Read more

Ukraine, Russian raids in Kiev and against energy infrastructures. Zelensky: “No to negotiations with Putin”. Nord Stream, “damage caused by explosions” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

18 Oct 2022 22:13 EU Socialists: “Berlusconi on Putin an unprecedented drift” It is questionable whether Weber can still sincerely believe that the EPP can support this coalition and this government. This is an unprecedented drift and an affront to Italy and our Union. It is time for the EPP to stop daydreaming, look at … Read more

Gas leaks from Nord Stream, “unprecedented damage”. For Berlin caused by attacks. Media: “Strong explosions on Monday night” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Gas leaks from Nord Stream unprecedented damage For Berlin caused

Damage on three off shore lines which are “unprecedented”, probably attributable to attacks or acts of sabotage and that have made the price of gas soar to Amsterdam at 191.5 euros per megawatt hour, after a peak of 194.7 euros (+ 12%). And at the moment it is impossible to estimate the timing of the … Read more

Measles, 700 children dead in Zimbabwe: health care collapsing, “epidemic caused by drop in vaccinations”

Measles 700 children dead in Zimbabwe health care collapsing epidemic

A measles outbreak has killed more than 700 children and infected thousands of adults across Zimbabwe. The health system is collapsing Posted on: 09-24-2022 23:41 FREELANCE JOURNALIST Journalist since 2014, I mainly deal with geopolitical analysis and foreign policy. I play electric guitar and I love rock and metal. 12 A measles outbreak has killed … Read more

Headache combined with insomnia and nervousness could be caused not by iron deficiency anemia but by another almost unknown caused by the lack of these vitamins

One of the fears of entire past generations: anemia, due obviously to eating habits. Indeed, rather, to food shortages. Usually classical iron deficiency anemia did not allow the body to produce enough hemoglobin. That is, the protein that binds oxygen and red blood cells inside the blood, then transporting the oxygen to the muscles, organs … Read more

Brittle nails, alopecia and cold feet could be caused by dietary deficiencies that new medicines would cure without causing heaviness and vomiting.

It is one of the most important macronutrients because it is present in our body in large quantities. Its lack, or an excess of consumption, can create serious problems. The absence becomes serious because it could cause a shortage of hemoglobin, the protein that carries oxygen to the lungs. The excess, which can lead to … Read more

Numbness, thick fingers and swollen hands in the morning could be caused by a disorder that also promotes weight gain

Sometimes we wake up in the morning tired and ill rested. In addition to not being in shape, we also notice something else wrong. Our hands, in fact, are particularly swollen. The fingers seem thicker than usual, and when we clench our fists, our hands feel numb. When we then try to wear jewelry like … Read more