Cellulite: Does drinking coffee make the condition worse? here’s the truth

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To fight cellulite does it work to consume liters of coffee or does it make the situation worse by obtaining the opposite effect? To understand if coffee can promote cellulite, it is first necessary to recognize its nutritional values ​​as well as its contraindications, if any. We know that coffee is an exciting drink but … Read more

This antioxidant-rich drink could reduce cellulite and it seems incredible that clothing is involved too

Cellulite is a very common imperfection, especially in women, of any age. It would not be a disease, but a physiological disorder that concerns the alteration of the subcutaneous adipose tissue. It manifests itself as small holes, reminiscent of the “orange peel”, located mainly in the thighs, hips and arms. The appearance of cellulite would … Read more

Here’s how many minutes we should walk to reduce cellulite, burn carbohydrates and fat, and improve circulation

Heres how many minutes we should walk to reduce cellulite

There are still a few months left before summer arrives but already, for many women, the problem of the costume test is starting to be felt. Some of them begin to look at their bodies with a critical eye, identifying even the smallest flaw. To lose that extra pound, there are those who decide to … Read more