Lancia Delta and Cupra Formentor VZ5, the four-wheel drive challenge

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

Two cars at the antipodes, characterized by a common thread: they are compact cars at the peak of performance in their respective eras. The merit also goes to the four-wheel drive, this is how it has evolved in almost forty years James Ruben Martini November 24th Once upon a time there was the sports compact. … Read more

Charlene, Charlotte, Beatrice, Carolina: style challenge among the Monegasques

Charlene Charlotte Beatrice Carolina style challenge among the Monegasques

The royals of the Principality of Monaco are used to events with great fanfare. In the rich kingdom on the borders of France there are many social occasions, in which members of the royal family participate with joy. Of all the anniversaries, however, the most important is undoubtedly the Fête du Prince, or the Principality’s … Read more

Van Dijk-Dia, the strange challenge between the dishwasher and the electrician

Obstacles, redemption, consecration: in Holland-Senegal the stories of two players who faced (and won) destiny From our correspondent Fabio Bianchi November 21st – Doha (Qatar) Virgil, at his job, is one of the best in the world, if not the best. Boulaye, in his field, is working to find an adequate space. Let’s say they … Read more

Polestar 2, the challenge to Tesla has been launched: here are all the updated details –

Polestar 2 the challenge to Tesla has been launched here

Total immersion in the Google climate: the jewel of the Swedish brand lands in Italy attracting great curiosity. Here is all the information. A totally new experience: there’s no key to turn, nor a start button to press to turn on the new Polestar 2, a diamond to be discovered. In fact, just sit in … Read more

The challenge of returning to our satellite and using it as a “springboard”

The challenge of returning to our satellite and using it

Return to the Moon but why? It’s been 53 years since the big leap in the face of a small step and space exploration with probes and telescopes that is giving us back the complexity of the Universe. But the return to our satellite, therewhose surface will in all probability this time be trodden by … Read more

A new car factory in Marghera, an investment worth a billion: the challenge of an entrepreneur from Bangladesh

MESTRE – Almost a billion investment, a thousand jobs and an area of ​​250 hectares. An entrepreneur from Bangladesh is ready to put the money, the employees will hire them in Venice and the 250 hectares are looking for them in Porto Marghera. He was the consul general of the Bangladesh, MHJ Jabed, to present … Read more

Edge 30 Ultra VS 12T Pro challenge between smartphones with 200MP cam

Edge 30 Ultra VS 12T Pro challenge between smartphones with

The megapixel race has characterized the smartphone world for some years now. It is therefore not surprising the arrival on the market of two devices like the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra and it Xiaomi 12T Pro. Products almost overlapping each other as regards the technical data sheet, net of the inevitable differences from an aesthetic … Read more

ATP Vienna: Sinner overtakes Francisco Cerundolo in two sets, in the quarterfinals super challenge with Medvedev

ATP Vienna Sinner overtakes Francisco Cerundolo in two sets in

Jannik Sinner continues his run at the ATP 500 in Vienna, despite a fluctuating performance, less convincing and continuous than his debut performance in the tournament. The South Tyrolean overcomes the Argentine Francisco Cerundolo 7-5 6-3 and flies to the quarterfinals of the Austrian tournament, where a super-challenge against Daniil Medvedev awaits him. Sinner gave … Read more

BTP Italy and “traditional” BTP: here is who wins the challenge of yields? The strategies

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

At the on the eve of a new issue of BTP Italia with yield and capital linked to the Italian inflation rate – announced by the Treasury for the middle of next November, which awarded all 4 billion BTPs in auction on October 26, two years and indexed to 5 and 10 years, savers find … Read more

Riccardo Sabatini’s challenge to the “evil of the century”

Riccardo Sabatinis challenge to the evil of the century

CREMONA – “We’ll never stop until it’s done”: he spelled the syllables well, the scientist from Cremona Riccardo Sabatiniwhile al Life Itself of CNN, the world conference that brings together the most important researchers in the world in terms of health, spoke about oncological immunotherapy. Ensuring that the Orionis Biosciences will not give up. And … Read more