What are Putin’s three chances after the success of the Ukrainian counter-offensive?

What are Putins three chances after the success of the

What are the three possible strategies that Putin could adopt after the success of the Ukrainian counter-offensive according to analysts. Turn on notifications to receive updates on In recent weeks, Ukraine has managed to turn the tide of the war against Russia: the comeback of Kiev was in fact clear and in some ways unexpected. … Read more

Personality and solid defense: Parma do not miss the chances and beat Salernitana 2-0 – Photo: the Gialloblù fans in Salerno

Personality and solid defense Parma do not miss the chances

Solid personality and defense. Pecchia, the results show, is on the right track. But this was a real, official game, so any mistake (in the team building phase) could cost dearly. Parma played their game against Salernitana, taking advantage of the opportunities they had and closing the spaces in the back ward with order and … Read more

TRIGORIA – Mourinho: “There is a team that plays on Friday and one that is on vacation, there is no balance. Mkhitaryan has few chances for the final. This euphoria does not help for the match in Turin”. VIDEO!

TRIGORIA Mourinho There is a team that plays on

© photo by Alessandro Carducci In the conference room of the Fulvio Bernardini Sports Center in Trigoria, the Roma coach José Mourinho spoke at a press conference on the occasion of the Media Day organized by UEFA in anticipation of the Conference League final between the Giallorossi and Feyenoord. Vocegiallorossa.it reported the statements of the … Read more