Charlene of Monaco, the background on their first meeting that predicted the future

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The tormented love story between Charlene of Monaco and the Prince Albert becomes a documentary, broadcast on French TV in January. Among the various unpublished backgrounds we will talk about a detail that left you speechless Carolina and Stephanie’s brother during his first meeting with the then swimmer. We will arrive up to the present … Read more

“Charlene of Monaco pregnant”: Alberto’s words clarify everything

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

Charlene of Monaco she is experiencing a magical moment with her husband Alberto who in a long interview defines her as “his pride”. Her words that could become a confirmation of the pregnancy of the Princess. Although, much more likely, I hide another meaning. Charlene of Monaco and the pregnancy indiscretion Charlene of Monaco It … Read more

‘Charlene of Monaco pregnant: she can’t hide it anymore’

Maldini Milan are not satisfied with a Scudetto the Champions

Charlene of Monaco she would be pregnant with her third child. The latest public appearances of the Princess on the occasion of the Christmas holidays have convinced many of her that she is pregnant again, to the point that she can no longer hide her suspicious forms. After all, there have been rumors of an … Read more

Charlotte Casiraghi in paillettes conquista la copertina. E tace su Charlene di Monaco

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

Charlotte Casiraghi ha conquistato la copertina del prestigioso Town & Country dove è immortalata con un magnifico abito di paillettes, ovviamente firmato Chanel, mentre come una nuova Venere esce dalle acque. La rampolla monegasca si è raccontata in una lunga intervista dove parla del perché è tornata a scuola, del complesso rapporto con sua madre … Read more

Charlene, Charlotte, Beatrice, Carolina: style challenge among the Monegasques

Charlene Charlotte Beatrice Carolina style challenge among the Monegasques

The royals of the Principality of Monaco are used to events with great fanfare. In the rich kingdom on the borders of France there are many social occasions, in which members of the royal family participate with joy. Of all the anniversaries, however, the most important is undoubtedly the Fête du Prince, or the Principality’s … Read more

Charlene of Monaco of ice, chastened green dress and expressionless smile

Charlene of Monaco of ice chastened green dress and

Charlene of Monaco she shows herself in public again with her husband Alberto for the traditional distribution of gifts from the Red Cross, of which she is president. Event shortly before the Montecarlo National Day. The Princess wore a forest green dress from her favorite brand Akris and, although she never lost her smile, she … Read more

Charlene di Monaco ha toccato il fondo con Alberto: la smorfia la tradisce

Charlene di Monaco è stata tradita da una smorfia di riluttanza quando suo marito Alberto ha cercato di abbracciarla per posare in una foto. L’espressione della Principessa ha rivelato inequivocabilmente che il suo matrimonio ha toccato il fondo. A rivelarlo è l’esperta del linguaggio del corpo, Judi James, che ha analizzato la relazione attraverso le … Read more

“Pregnant with Albert of Monaco”, but Charlene is not the mother, the shocking indiscretion

Pregnant with Albert of Monaco but Charlene is not the

Charlene of Monaco at the center of many news related to her health, including mental, returns to the gossip maelstrom for a pregnancy, but it is not about hers, apparently there is talk of a shocking indiscretion concerning her husband and another woman . We talk about pregnancy. Albert of Monaco allegedly betrayed Charlene and … Read more

Charlene of Monaco at the gala: priceless pink diamond and suspicious shapes

Lasse con lAustria le mosse sui contratti come lItalia puo

Charlene of Monaco surprisingly returned to public alongside her husband Alberto for the Princess Grace Awards gala held in New York. The Princess appeared smiling but she raised some perplexity about her extra large dress, signed Terrence Bray, so shapeless that it seems to want to hide something. While she wore it for the first … Read more