“Sleeping with the enemy”: heavy lunge for King Charles | The latest allegations are very serious

Sleeping with the enemy heavy lunge for King Charles

King Charles accused New shocking details on the Royal Family: very heavy accusations for King Charles, the possibility of re-establishing the relationship is now remote. Let’s find out together what happened. In the past few hours, some disconcerting news has emerged regarding the royal family. This time he came right at her, King Charles in … Read more

Harry “is not welcome at the coronation of King Charles III”. For Buckingham Palace the “escort son” has exaggerated

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

The success achieved by the burning memoir «Spare» (400,000 copies were sold in England on Wednesday alone and Harry earned between 9 and 12 million pounds) could not be without consequences. The ex-prince’s confessions are so harsh, so tough is the reaction of Buckingham Palace which has already made it known through the “senior royals” … Read more

Harry, in Spare the revelations about Charles III and the joke that hurt him: “I’m not your father”. Buckingham Palace’s no comment

“I wonder if I’m really your real father.” This, according to the stories of Prince Harry, one of the jokes, who loved to make him her father, making fun of the rumors according to which Lady Diana’s second son would be the son of one of her former lovers, Major James Hewitt. Relations in the … Read more

Spare, the friend of King Charles speaks: “Harry is not well, he is a deeply traumatized man”

Of Paula DeCarolis The Times reveals: after his visit to the United Kingdom on the occasion of Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee last summer, the Duke of Sussex seriously considered canceling its release. The media reaction was negative, but the pre-sales show interest LONDON – The dust raised by Prince Harry’s autobiography shows no sign of settling. … Read more

Mourning for King Charles III, the most difficult farewell to Prince Philip’s nephew

The first months like King for Charles they have not been easy, starting from the pain for the loss of Queen Elizabeth, up to the protests. Now it was a hit important mourningindeed it is Max Markgraf von Baden passed away at the age of 89son of Theodora of Greece and Denmark, or one of … Read more

King Charles breaks tradition: the gesture towards his family that the British don’t like

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

King Charles gave his first Christmas speech to the subjects from a place very dear to the Royal Family, but the absence of a detailin the set set up to shoot the movie, it impressed and disappointed the British, who were waiting for many answers to their questions on this very important occasion. For the … Read more

First Christmas at Sandringham for King Charles. Little Louis also makes his debut (in shorts)

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

Of Enrica Roddolo All Windsors, except Harry and Meghan, for Christmas Day at Sandringham. As had been the Queen’s tradition for 32 years. In the afternoon, the awaited speech of the King All the Windsors gathered for Christmas in Sandringham – as Queen Elizabeth would have liked and as it hasn’t happened since 2019. Christmas … Read more

Choo-Choo Charles, the review of the horror with the spider-train

Choo Choo Charles the review of the horror with the spider train

A single developer, a lot of imagination and few resources: the formula of Choo-Choo Charles, the horror film by Two Star Games, is the subject of this review. The independent panorama in recent years has made us discover several jewels, works developed by a handful of highly talented people capable of creating an excellent game … Read more

King Charles is finally on the circulating coins

King Charles is finally on the circulating coins

Millions of 50p coins bearing the effigy of King Charles III went into circulation from Thursday 8 December through post offices across the country. These are the very first mass-produced coins bearing the image of the new king and will be distributed in change to customers. The BBC reports that, according to official estimates, around … Read more

Charles Leclerc, very heavy confession: “Binotto didn’t appreciate”

Charles Leclerc very heavy confession Binotto didnt appreciate

Charles Leclerc, very heavy confession (Newsby.it) Charles Leclerc, very heavy confession: “Binotto did not appreciate”. At the end of the season, the Ferrari driver admits his guilt, fans divided We’ve understood it for some time now, in Formula 1 there are two versions of Charles Leclerc. One is that of the seemingly mild-mannered boy who … Read more