Chiara Ferragni, the first nights with Fedez: «We couldn’t touch each other …». The unprecedented detail

Salami or mortadella heres what to choose in the summer

The most awaited video on the web, the fixed appointment of Story Time from Chiara Ferragniwhere he reveals the background of the romance with Fedez. The secrets that no one expects, from the first time that the queen of influencer she saw Fedez in their first conversation, to the point of … Read more

Chiara Ferragni, the unpublished background on the first meeting with Fedez: “I saw it and I said …”

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Chiara Ferragni tells some unpublished details of her love story with Fedez. Chiara Ferragni she went back to talking about hers love story with Fedez. Responding to some curiosities of the many fans of her, the young woman digital businesswoman decided to let go and reveal some unpublished background regarding his first meeting with the … Read more

Un Posto al Sole Advances June 3, 2022: Nuncio in crisis. The relationship with Chiara hangs in the balance

Let’s see the Anticipations of Un Posto al Sole on June 3, 2022. In the Plots of the Soap episode broadcast on Rai3, Nunzio begins to doubt his relationship with Chiara. The boy asks his father for help to overcome this situation while Raffaele is threatened by the Argento clan. Let’s find out the Advances … Read more

Chiara Nasti, the influencer who rents the stadium to reveal the sex of the baby: “I’m not a boor”

from Giovanna Cavalli The announcement at the Olimpico in front of Lazio striker Mattia Zaccagni on his knees and the criticisms for the 60 thousand euros spent: “Those who can’t have the same despise me” Lights on at the Olimpico, on Wednesday, as in a magical Champions League night (you can’t have everything): the Lazio … Read more

Chiara Ferragni e gli outfit scandalosi per festeggiare il compleanno

Chiara Ferragni e gli outfit scandalosi per festeggiare il compleanno

Il 7 maggio ha compiuto 35 anni, l’8 maggio ha celebrato la festa della mamma: per Chiara Ferragni è stato un weekend carico di sentimento. E di divertimento. Venerdì l’imprenditrice è volata in Sicilia insieme al marito Fedez, ai figli Leone e Vittoria, alla sorella Valentina Ferragni e a una miriade di amici per una … Read more

Fedez closes the concert and flies to NYC for the Met Gala with Chiara Ferragni

Fedez closes the concert and flies to NYC for the

“Happy May 1st and good concert to everyone, I would have liked to be there but I think my invitation has been lost”, he writes sarcastically Fedez on Instagram. The artist wanted to throw a dig on public TV, after the controversy last year, when she accused the Rai leaders of wanting to censor him … Read more