Contaminated cough syrups, the WHO alert and fears in Europe: “Serious risks for children”

Contaminated cough syrups the WHO alert and fears in Europe

Of Christine Brown The two drugs are allegedly linked to the deaths of about twenty children in Uzbekistan. The activity of the Indian pharmaceutical company has been suspended. Informal markets are feared in Europe, but for Italy Aifa reassures: There are no risks for our country The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a alert … Read more

Totti and Ilary Blasi towards consensual separation, agreement on shared custody of the three children and division of Rolex and bags

1673675089 Totti and Ilary Blasi towards consensual separation agreement on shared

After the “wardrobe war”, fought by Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi with Rolexes, designer handbags and shoes made each other disappear, now a glimmer of peace has opened between the two spouses. Fans of the couple are under no illusions: there is no margin for one reconciliation. But, certainly, Totti and Blasi are working, through … Read more

Demographic collapse, the alarm of gynecologists: «Reverse course and protect the health of parents. Children are made when they are young”

Demographic collapse the alarm of gynecologists Reverse course and protect

It was renamed as “Demographic winter”. A winter that has lasted for several seasons. Less and less born. While, in recent years, deaths due to Covid have reached very high figures. The coldness of the numbers and their comparison help us understand the situation we are in: in 2019 there were 634,000 deaths against 746,000 … Read more

Allergy, boiled peanuts to cure children? The (surprising) discovery of Australian researchers

The boiled peanuts could provide a means to help children overcome peanut allergies, according to the results of a year-long Australian clinical trial. In a study of 70 children from six to eighteen years with certified peanut allergies, 80 percent were able to eat legumes without allergic reactions after receiving increasing daily doses of boiled … Read more

Who is Valentina Romani? Age, career, boyfriend, children, curiosity and private life – Back cover

Tutti i film di Natale da vedere in tv oggi

Valentina Romani, one of the rising stars of Italian television, has captivated thousands of viewers with her iconic bob hairstyle. Valentina Romani, a very young actress, had a successful film debut and her career has just begun. Despite her young age, she studied a lot and managed to demonstrate her talent, receiving the acclaim of … Read more

Children of Silentown, the review of an adventure about fear and silence

Children of Silentown the review of an adventure about fear

The review of Children of Silentown, an Italian point and click adventure for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch that talks about fear and silence. Lucy is a little girl who lives with her parents in a village surrounded by a forest where everyone follows stringent rules: you don’t go around the streets after sunset, you … Read more

Karin Trentini, who is Riccardo Fogli’s wife? Age, work and children – Back cover

Karin Trentini who is Riccardo Foglis wife Age work and

Riccardo Fogli’s sentimental journey has had a profound impact on his musical career. After his marriage to Viola Valentino and a passionate relationship with Patty Pravo, he is now happily married to Karin Trentini and the couple is proud to have a daughter. Riccardo Fogli is a renowned personality in the world of Italian music … Read more

Vanessa Incontrada, age, ex-husband, children, where she lives, salary, weight: all about her – newsby

Vanessa Incontrada age ex husband children where she lives salary weight

Vanessa Incontrada (Instagram) – newsby Vanessa Incontrada had great success leading Zelig, but do you know everything about her? Curiosities about the presenter’s private life Originally from Spain, Vanessa Incontrada is one of the best known and most respected Italian TV presenters by the public. The small screen has given her an enviable career, above … Read more

Down 76 meters from the cliff with the Tesla but everyone is saved. The chilling hypothesis: he wanted to kill his wife and children

Down 76 meters from the cliff with the Tesla but

A family portrayed smiling, held in an embrace. Shortly after a white tesla crumpled on a cliff, a white dot between the rocks and the ocean waves. What happened to the Patel family was immediately defined by all as a “miracle”. The parents and their two sons, ages 4 and 9, were driving Monday morning … Read more

Do you understand who Umberto Tozzi is? Age, career, ex-wife, partner, children and private life – Back cover

Do you understand who Umberto Tozzi is Age career ex wife

Umberto Tozzi is one of the most popular Italian singers of all time, with over 80 million records sold worldwide. His musical career was studded with successes such as “Gloria”, “Ti Amo” and “Gente di mare”, which left their mark on the history of Italian music. But who is Tozzi in private life? Let’s find … Read more