The Chinese are selling Russian gas to us (and we are ruining ourselves)

The Chinese are selling Russian gas to us and we

In this Twitter audio “room” what is perhaps the foremost energy expert in America, prof. Anas Alhajji he discusses the energy market today in front of 50 thousand listeners on twitter and explains how the Chinese buy Russian LNG gas with contracts and then resell it to Europeans on the TTF market. This is the … Read more

Langya, the new Chinese virus that comes from the shrew: 35 already infected. It affects the liver and kidneys

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Is called Langya (LayV) and it’s a new one virus that in China infected 35 people in Shandong and Henan provinces. It is part of the family of henipavirus and was identified in throat swabs by metagenomic analysis and then pathogen isolation. Described in a study by scientists from China and Singapore and published in … Read more

Taiwan: Chinese jets and ships cross the midline, Beijing breaks with the US – World

In addition to the dozens of jets and warships sent beyond the midline of the Taiwan Strait, on the second day of military maneuvers, China announced the sanctions against the speaker of the American Chamber Nancy Pelosi and the cancellation with the US of communication between military leaders , of working meetings between the ministries … Read more

Chinese missiles in the Taiwan Strait, 5 ended up in Japan’s exclusive economic zone. Beijing convenes G7 and EU ambassadors – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Chinese missiles in the Taiwan Strait 5 ended up in

The Chinese reaction to the visit of Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan she has arrived. Not even 24 hours after the departure of the speaker of the American House, who arrived in the ‘rebel’ republic for show its “closeness to democracy”, Beijing flexes his muscles and launches with his army missiles in the direction of Strait … Read more

Taiwan: 27 Chinese aircraft incursion into air defense space. G7: unjustified – World

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The Ministry of Defense of Taiwan reported a raid of 27 Chinese fighters in the air defense zone, on the day of the departure of the president of the US Chamber, Nancy Pelosi. “27 People’s Liberation Army aircraft entered the area surrounding the Republic of China on August 3, 2022,” the ministry clarified in a … Read more

“Possible traces of an alien civilization” in a Nature study signed by a Chinese scientist

A study on anomalous radio waves captured by the most powerful radio telescope ever built has been published in Nature. Professor Zhang Tongjie: «Extraterrestrials? We have to investigate, it will take time: but we may need them someday “ Perhaps, the extraterrestrials they sent us a message and we may need their help in the … Read more

Possible alien signals intercepted in deep space: sensational announcement by Chinese astronomers

Possible alien signals intercepted in deep space sensational announcement by

Chinese astronomers from Beijing Normal University have announced that they have intercepted radio signals potentially produced by alien technology. The FAST radio telescope Chinese astronomers have announced that they have intercepted mysteries radio signals which may have been produced by a extraterrestrial civilization technologically advanced. In other words, they may have discovered the existence of … Read more

The myth of Chinese drop torture – Il Post

1655227423 The myth of Chinese drop torture Il Post

Loading player The Latin phrase «gutta cavat lapidem“(” The drop digs the stone “), which describes the slow erosive action of water on rock formations, is an expression already mentioned in the first century BC by poets such as Ovid, Tibullus and Lucretius. Even today it is used to indicate in general the significant and … Read more

Hitech patents, Draghi applies golden power to the Chinese on the Piedmontese Robox

Mario Draghi’s government vetoed and appealed to the rules of the Golden power regarding the transfer of technologies and computer codes of an Italian robotics company in favor of a Chinese company in the same sector. The agreement between the Chinese company Efort Intelligent Equipment, leader in robotics, and the Italian Robox, based in the … Read more